Navigating Lake County Construction

Summer may be over but construction season is just starting to really begin in earnest. Lake County, especially Northern Lake County, has some major projects going on right now that is making getting around an exercise in patience and map reading. Here are some of our favorite resources for helping to navigate and avoid the worst of it.

Navigating Lake County Construction

I’m probably dating myself here but gone are the days where you had to tune in on the 8’s to get the updated traffic conditions. These days there are some great apps, online resources and of course Facebook to make it so much easier to avoid some of the worst.

Illinois Department of Transportation {IDOT}
While it’s not the easiest to navigate site it does have the most comprehensive and complete list of projects and closures.

Lake County Passage
This is the place to get everything Lake County Traffic. They have a live traffic map that shows construction and backups/delays as they are happening. They also have snapshots from the traffic cameras around the county so you can actually see how bad it is. That’s not the best part, there’s an app.

The Lake County Passage App (available for iPhone and Android) is by far one of my most useful apps. {Not to be used while driving, ahem} You can pull up the app and see what’s going on exactly where you are. Wondering why you have been sitting on Route 120 for 25 minutes? Check the app, the gates are stuck, now you can turn around. It’s saved me being late to school many morning after rain or snow by showing me which roads were closed or should be avoided. They are also on twitter and will post about accidents and more importantly, when they are CLEARED.

I also have an Android and when my location is on Google Now will pop up and tell me when there is an accident or road closure ahead, it’s not as timely as looking at Passage before I go. It is however nice for trips into the city since Passage only covers you to Lake Cook Road.

There are also several very useful Facebook Pages you should be following (other than ours of course!) that provide great information on closures.

Rollins Road Gateway Updates – provides information and updates on the Rollins Road Project as well as behind the construction footage.

Lake County IL Sheriff’s Office – provides information on closures and updates, on emergency situations.

Lake County Department of Transportation –updates, pictures and information on all things traffic.


Other than the Rollins Road Construction there are some major projects that you may or may not be aware of:

  • Route 120 at Route 83 is closed while CNR repairs the railroad tracks. The closure is expected to last ten days and it should reopen on August 14
  • I-94 and Grand Ave Interchange in Gurnee – more information
  • Peterson Road Route 83 to Franklin – updates and information
  • Village of Grayslake – Lake St and 120 intersection expansion and curbs placement from 12o to the Metra Station.

How do you navigate the traffic? Tips, tricks favorite apps? Tell us in the comments!

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