Notes from my Minivan: My Local Resolutions


I spend a lot of time in my minivan driving four kids here and there, there and here. It’s one of the few places where I can actually think, sometimes. These are my thoughts, scribbled on napkins and receipts—a look into raising kids and living in Lake County.

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notes from my minivan

Local Resolutions to Make

I am a resolution maker, I  love making and setting goals, planning out ideas and goals. I’m not always great at keeping them, but it’s the thought that counts right? This year I’m making some goals for myself and my family to help us be better localists. Because being a local is not just about the address of your house it’s about how you spend your time and money. Here are my local resolutions for 2015.

  1. Find a Babysitter 
    This one is important. I have 4 kids and have only hired a babysitter twice, both times as summer helpers (I mostly stayed home!). We have heavily relied on family and settle for at-home date nights. With our youngest almost two I think it’s time we branched out and found an actual real babysitter that we can call and go out on actual, real dates.
  2. Try 3 New (to us) Restaurants 
    This one is, of course, pursuant to number 1. We used to enjoy trying new places and I hope to do it again. We have discovered a new love for Thai food and want to try more. Also, it would be great to eat our food while hot and without anyone complaining about some part of it.
  3. Try New Parks
    After this summer’s playground tour,  my kids assume every time I say we are going to a park it’s going to be a new one! So we are setting off to find some new (to us) playgrounds. We might just find another favorite!
  4. Visit a New Library
    A couple of summers ago we designated Thursday – Thinking Thursday and set out to explore new libraries with the goal of visiting a new one every week. Well, that kind of fizzled out because my kids actually love to read and wanted to get books! So we are going to shoot for visiting 1 a month this summer.
  5. Switch 1 purchase a month to a local shop
    I’m not going to limit myself to only one purchase but rather make a point to not buy something at the Big Box Store because it’s convenient and instead seek out smaller shops to spread my dollars to.
  6. Try a New Gym/Class for me!
    I loved the summer I spent at The Dailey Method, I just didn’t love the commute. So my goal this year is to find another gym or class I love just as much that is more convenient to my home and kid commuting routine.
  7. Try a New Kid Gym/Open Play
    Just like the playgrounds why not try a new locale? Winter is long and it will be good for all of us to mix it up a bit!
  8. More Farmers Markets
    I love the farmers market, I’m just not always good at planning ahead (having cash) so I can use the farmers market. I want to make sure to try a winter market and make an effort to visit our local one at least twice a month.
  9. Shop More Resale
    I am a frequent shopper of resale for the kids, but I’m not as good about shopping resale for other things. I want to be more intentional about our purchases and what we bring into our house so I want to try to source more items from Goodwill or local resale shops. Now that there are no more babies there are some renovations and decorating projects that have been put off that we need to start working on and I want to train myself to take the time to find exactly what I want instead of just buying what I can find.
  10. Volunteer More Locally
    This is what my husband will call my “pie in the sky dream” I used to be an avid volunteer. I volunteered at my local hospital from the age of 13 until I graduated college and took a paying job. I was a member and then advisor of a service fraternity. Since having children, most of my volunteer work is either through or for the school or done by filling out an envelope. I want to get out and do at least one hands-on project with my kids so they can start to learn the value and importance of giving back to our community.

Do you have any resolutions or goals for 2015 or tips for tackling mine? Share it in the comments!

Notes from my Minivan: My Local Resolutions
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