Homemade Fudge in Lake and McHenry County

I love chocolate, but fudge is one of those desserts that I can only have in moderation apparently (see below), but you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life! No sir (or ma’am), you seem like the kind of person who could eat fudge every week, heck, every day for that matter! And have I got your proverbial back with lots of places to find homemade fudge within Lake and McHenry county (and one over the border as well) to make your fudge dreams come true.

homemade fudge in lake county

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Something Sweet
891 Main St., Antioch | (847) 838-9350

This adorable little shop in downtown Antioch has been a favorite for years. I remember a time (as I always do when it comes to food) when I got Snickers fudge here and wasn’t the same since. You won’t be either. Loralie talked about Something Sweet in her roundup of candy shops in Lake County here.

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Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
541 N. Milwaukee Ave., Libertyville

This little chain shop has THE best caramel apples. I know that isn’t what this article is about but if you have read my posts enough, this will not surprise you. Oh, and they have amazing fudge too. They are really lucky to have me here at Little Lake County.
Editor’s note: they frequently do specials where you can send fudge to troops overseas with your purchase, so look for signs in the store about it in July.

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Photo source Anderson’s Candy Shop on Facebook

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Anderson’s Candy Shop 
10301 N. Main St., Richmond | (888) 214-7614
128 E. Main St. Barrington | (847) 304-7985

They not only offer fudge by the pound but also “fudge bars” which I can only ascertain are bars of made of fudge (yes, I have a college degree) in different flavors.


Mellie’s Chocolate & Co.
2 N. Williams St., Crystal Lake | (815) 444-7552

The person who decided to offer ice cream AND fudge in one place is my soul mate and they need to come to find me. To take me to get fudge and ice cream. Mellie’s offers both and chocolate covered strawberries in addition to much more.

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Riverside Chocolate Factory
2102 W. Route 120, McHenry | (815) 344-6040

For years, my mom and I had the tradition of heading here on Mother’s Day to reward ourselves for being moms, but then my mom moved away and I stopped going. Heed my advice: do NOT save a visit to this place for one day a year. It’s literally 10-20 minutes away from any place in Lake County — stop being so lazy.

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Worth the trip

772 Main St., Lake Geneva, WI | (262) 248-4400

Heading up to Lake Geneva is a favorite getaway for our family and this place is a must-stop EVERY time. Whether you are in the mood for ice cream, candy, chocolate or fudge, this place has you covered….in caramel and chocolate.

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Or make it yourself if you don’t feel like getting off of the couch for your fudge.

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Is there an amazing secret candy shop we didn’t list here? Let us know in the comments! 

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