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On-the-Go Fun for Kids! has more than 250 activities; that’s a lot of rainy (and not-so-rainy) day fun packed in the pages of one book! I got to take a look at the book to give you my thoughts and opinions in this review.

On-the-Go Fun for Kids Activity Book

Author Amanda Morin introduced me to quite a few creative games and ideas to banish boredom right out of my kids. I was very excited to receive this book for review and jumped right in by playing “What’s the Best Superhero Power?” with my 4 and 3-year-olds. Although they have seen the movie The Incredibles a gazillion times, I found they didn’t understand what having a superpower was! Mom Fail! Needless to say, we spun a game from the book into a new game, which not only taught the girls something new but opened a new door to their imagination.

What would I do if I could fly?” or “What would I do if I was invisible?” (mawahaha … Mommy could quickly think of lots of things!)

On-The-Go Fun for Kids has a variety of activities that are grouped into different categories to choose from.

  • car trip games
  • planes and trains
  • hotels and vacations
  • things to do when you’re waiting around
  • shopping trip games
  • bonus activities for work from home days

Each category has different puzzles, imagination games, word games, math games, science games, search challenges, and word games. These fun activities get our kids’ noses out of the easily accessible electronics and provide an interesting “old school” way to communicate fun with our kids to help ease boredom as well as save our parental minds!

Author Morin has a degree in education and has completed Special Education Law and Advocacy training. Morin is a member of the 2014-2015 cohort of the Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates, Inc. (COPAA) Special Education Advocacy Training (SEAT) program. Morin has experience in working with experts to assist parents with information on child development, parenting, and a variety of educational topics.

Morin is also the author of two additional books, The Everything Parents Guide to Special Education and The Everything Kids’ Learning Activities Book. Morin has also contributed her writing and knowledge to past articles for the National Center for Learning Disabilities website,, PopSugar Moms, and

Her book is a must-have for parents of grade-school-aged children and provides a variety of creative ideas. Many activities are geared toward kids who can read and know how to count a bit higher than preschool age. However, keep in mind there are 250 activities so parents can find a way to use the activities for children of different ages.

Connect with Morin for more information on child development:
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Stephanie is a wife and mother of 2 girls, Molly and Lily. Stephanie grew up in the northwest suburbs and moved to Chicago in the Wrigleyville area where she resided for a decade before moving to Lake County and becoming a homeowner. Stephanie is in love with the simple moments with her little family and enjoys blowing off steam from the daily grind (or her daughters’ extra toddler tantrum days) with running, wine, supportive family, and amazing friends.

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Little Reviews: On-The-Go Fun for Kids by Amanda Morin

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