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Image from Fieldwork Schaumburg on Facebook
Image from Fieldwork Schaumburg on Facebook

When my first child was born, I decided to become a stay-at-home mom.  In this transition, one of the more difficult adjustments was not having my “own” money.  Now sure my husband’s income was our income, but I felt obligated to approach finances differently and came to feel guilty for spending money on little things for myself like a latté or a new pair of shoes.   I missed the extra disposable income, but I really valued my time at home with the kids.  I wanted a way to earn extra cash that didn’t require a recurring schedule outside of the home…

Image from Fieldwork Schaumburg on Facebook
Image from Fieldwork Schaumburg on Facebook

If only I had known about Fieldwork…

Fieldwork is regarded as one of the top Market Research companies in the industry and they are seeking moms to join their database for future paid studies (in-person, online or over the phone).  Your participation earns you money just for your thoughts and experiences about different products or services you use.  Your opinions are valuable, and are used by Fieldwork’s clients for product development.  They work with numerous companies who especially value the opinions of moms.  Studies include everything from toys for children to mac-n-cheese to electronic devices. You can help shape product offerings for people just like yourself!

Image from Fieldwork Schaumburg on Facebook

Those chosen for studies will be compensated for their time.  On-site focus groups take place during the day and also on weeknight evenings at their offices in downtown Chicago or Schaumburg; however, many studies can be conducted over the phone or online.

Fieldwork is not engaged in sales, advertising or publicity of any kind. No one will attempt to sell you anything and all information given will remain confidential.

Compensation can very greatly depending on the particular study,  but the payment amounts are always worth your time. In-person focus groups will pay more and online/phone surveys generally pay less. A common payout is $125 for a focus group (about 1.5 hours).

Image from Fieldwork Schaumburg on Facebook
Image from Fieldwork Schaumburg on Facebook

Recent studies have included:

  • Parent-child product testing – participants were given a product to test (and keep) with their children and asked to share their thoughts at a focus group. Payout: $200
  • Focus group for people who set up a baby registry in the last year. Payout: $100 Prepaid Visa Card
  • Market research study for parents of children from 1-12 months old. Payout: $125 Prepaid Visa Card
Image from Fieldwork Schaumburg on Facebook
Image from Fieldwork Schaumburg on Facebook

It’s not just stay-at-home moms they are looking for…. moms who work outside the home, dads, grandparents, anyone with an opinion and some time can qualify to participate.  Visit the Fieldwork Schaumburg Facebook page to get an idea of the different opportunities available as well as the different demographics they seek.


Those who register to be potential participants using promo code: 2015LAKECO  will be entered into a raffle to win a $50 Visa Gift Card.

Complete the online registration form and click on “Join Now.”  Use Promo Code: 2015LAKECO

{Editor’s Update 7/9/2015: This giveaways is now CLOSED but we encourage you to register with Fieldwork so that you can start earning extra cash just by sharing your opinion!}

Connect with Fieldwork
Questions: Sara Woods, [email protected]
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Disclosure: Fieldwork Inc. is a Little Lake County paid promotional partner. 


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