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PADS Lake County is our second quarter charity partner as part of our Little Lake County Gives Back program,  a community outreach effort to connect not-for-profit organizations with our readers. For more information on the program, please contact Melissa at [email protected]

PADS Lake County

Most of us go though our daily lives without thinking about where we will sleep or eat.  We take these basics  for granted.  If you’re like me, you probably don’t personally know someone who is currently homeless, but the more I learn about this problem, the more committed I am to help with solutions.

In Lake County, we have an organization dedicated to helping the homeless, PADS Lake County.  PADS stands for Providing Advocacy, Dignity, and Shelter.

PADS Lake County offers a comprehensive approach to combating homelessness with the compassion and respect we all deserve. For more than 35 years, PADS has faithfully been providing immediate, critical services to the neediest among us – individuals and families that are experiencing homelessness in Lake County. Like a hospital emergency room, PADS is the first point of contact and the ONLY emergency shelter for the homeless in Lake County.– organization history taken from PADS website.


Homelessness can take many forms. One seemingly innocent unfortunate event after another could lead to homelessness. A tragic event, a mental illness, expected income that disappears, most of us are much closer to homelessness than we’d like to realize.  It’s a scary reality, and I’m thankful to know there are organizations like PADS who will help if this becomes my fate.

I was moved at the difference PADS makes in our community.  PADS has a multifaceted approach to solving the homeless problem.  They provide a daytime resource center, a nighttime shelter (which is really 15 rotating shelter sites), a family center and even a “safe haven” for the chronically homeless that is  staffed by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and an Advanced Practice and open 24/7.

Their flexible and individualized approach to outreach is amazing. PADS even has a street outreach program that passes out lunches, toothbrushes and even just a welcome smile.  It helps to know that people are checking on you. There are so many heartwarming stories on their blog about incredible empathy and strength of the human spirit.  There are stories of great strength from women, children, families and veterans. Inspirational stories of people living their values by volunteering, and just overwhelming compassion.

PADS LAke County
Photo Credit PADS Lake County website

According to the PADS Lake County website, in the last year, there was a 20% increase in the number of families looking for help in Lake County. I’m so thankful there is an organization like PADS that is available to our friends and neighbors if they become in need.

Your family can help PADS Lake County through volunteering, monetary donations and donations of requested items.  You can help at a shelter site, provide meals or even just save up the unopened shampoo from your hotel room.

PADS Lake County, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to providing emergency shelter, permanent supportive housing, and comprehensive resources to families with children and individuals experiencing homelessness in Lake County, Illinois.

To read more about their needs, mission or how you can specifically get involved, please contact PADS below.

Connect with PADS Lake County
1800 Grand Avenue | Waukegan
Web | Facebook  | Twitter

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