Parent to Parent: 1st Day of School Traditions

The best advice comes from someone who has walked in your shoes before. Even as a “veteran” mom I love hearing how other parents do things and handle certain situations with their kids. Parent to Parent is where we ask other parents how they handle situation and share the answers with you. It takes a village, so leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments.

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What are your first day of school traditions?

Only first day traditions we have are photo ops! With a backpack by the front door (since my kids do before and after school care, I’ve never stood at a bus stop). Additionally, I make a point to record their teacher in their baby book (it’s harder to remember than you think after your kid is in 8th grade, who they had for 2nd grade, or what that 3rd? they blend together!) ~ Cheryl, 8th grader and 3rd grader

After the first day I have them fill out a quick questionnaire: favorite color, food, sport/animal (per my kids’ taste), hero, what they want to be, favorite part of first day, least favorite part, and a new friend they made. We always take a pic holding the black paper with white crayon. ~Gina, 4 kids 3rd grade and kindergartener

First day pic by the front door, of course! ~Holly, 1st grader and pre-K

I am planning on taking my son to lunch before school and then taking tons of Pinterest inspired pictures! ~Tracy First time preschooler

First day of school will be fun breakfast with pictures in front of the house ~ Alli, 3 kids, two in school, Kindergarten and pre-K

We go “to the coffee shop” (Something’s Brewing) for a special lunch. ~Stephanie, 2 kids in pre-K


Allow for grace. If you forget to take a photo or some school supplies get left behind, or if breakfast ends up eaten in the car, it’s not the end of the world. It takes time to develop and tweak schedules, and to establish new routines and rhythm in you and your child’s life. – Jennifer, 8th grader and 5th grader


How will you be documenting the first day? Or how did you? Share it with us in the comments!

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