Parent to Parent: Easing the Transition from Summer to School


The best advice comes from someone who has walked in your shoes before. Even as a “veteran” mom I love hearing how other parents do things and handle certain situations with their kids. Parent to Parent is where we ask other parents how they handle a situation and share the answers with you. It takes a village, so leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments. Today’s topis is Transition from Summer to School

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Easing the Transition from Summer to School

I like to enjoy and soak up summer and the “non-schedule” as long as possible, so I’m a horrible example, and my kids have a “summer (late) bedtime until Saturday night before school starts! ~Cheryl

I try to eek out the last bits of summer while we transition back to our school routine. This week I shifted dinnertime and bedtime back a little earlier, and I wake the kids up in the morning instead of letting them sleep late. They get dressed right away (no more p.j. days), and we’ve been brushing up on some of our school rules and skills that may have slipped a bit (somehow, my 4-year-old forgot how to cut!). ~Holly

This is my first year with a child in school so I am the one who needs tips haha. My son has afternoon preschool so I have just been making sure that he doesn’t nap at all anymore. ~Tra

This is my first REAL school year- so I’ll do my best! We have slowly transitioned bedtime to be earlier so that the kids wake up earlier (WHY OH WHY????) to prevent oversleeping for school days. Having a kindergartener- we have also chosen to do a few pages of work a day to remind her of her letters, numbers, and how to write her name so she feels confident going into the classroom. Eating breakfast doesn’t happen at our house until close to 9:30 or 10:00 a.m. most days, so we’re also cutting down that late breakfast to a small snack, they are starving at lunch but are now waking up asking for something to eat at least. ~Alli

We are terrible at the transitions. We just enjoy summer to it’s fullest and jump right in! ~Jessica

It’s hard to get a good consistent cycle in our home due to our unique schedule but I try to start getting them down for naps, bath, and bed earlier. Have the girls have their backpacks set by their doors so they are excited to go to school in the morning. ~Stephanie

A week before, we “practice” going to school, so this week I woke her up and got her dressed and fed right away. This year we have a new baby so I needed to practice getting ready for myself! ~Katie, Loyal Loving and Learning

One of my favorite new traditions is a special family dinner the night before the first day of school. ~Kim, House of Prince

How do you transition form summer to school?

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Parent to Parent: Easing the Transition from Summer to School
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