Parent-To-Parent: Last Day of School Traditions

The last day of school is a rite of passage for nearly every child. Not only are they moving onto a new grade, but they are leaving behind the comfort and routine of classmates and teachers who they have been with for a whole year. They are also exchanging their pretty rigid schedule and routine for several months of open-ended days with fewer time constraints.

Last Day of School Traditions
A “Last Day of School” tradition can help kids ease the transition as well as get them excited for summer fun (as if they aren’t going to be pumped up enough already). Parents just like you shared their ideas for the big last day!

Last Day of School Traditions

  • I bought each of my kids the Dr. Seuss book, Oh the Places You’ll Go and I have their teacher sign it every year. – Jess
  • We go out for breakfast before school together. -Elizabeth
  • One day in the last week of school I pick up my kids and some of each of their friends in a party bus.- Katie
  • Depending on weather and timing I let the teacher choose a treat she gives to the class at her discretion, usually freeze pops or ice cream treat.- Katie
  • We have a celebration lunch at a restaurant! We let each person select an activity they want to do during the summer (our bucket list)!- Margo
  • We go out for frozen yogurt on the way home from school!- Marilyn
  • We do a countdown the last two weeks of school, where they get to pop a balloon each day.- J.G.
  • I give my kids a “Hello Summer Kit” when they get off of the bus. Usually a new pair of sunglasses, flip flops, bubbles, new reading book, chalk, and their obligatory summer workbook to keep their minds active.- Jessica
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Keri over at One Mamas Daily Drama has a great list of ideas as well. Some of our favorites were:

  • If you pick up your child, decorate the car for one last ride through the pick up line. If they ride the bus, decorate the sidewalk for their last bus exit.
  • Host a First Day of Summer party with a few friends. Keep it simple with kid classics like sidewalk chalk, jump ropes, water guns, and finger foods.
  • Make a fancy breakfast {or just something you don’t normally have on a school day} for the last morning before school.

And finally, remember to thank the teachers,  the important people behind the scenes. Say thank  you with a gift certificate for a pedicure or massage, gift card for a local coffee shop, their favorite food or candy, or parents can even drop off a bottle of wine.

What is your family’s favorite end-of-school tradition? Tell us about it in the comments section.

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