Park Profile: Butler Lake Park (Libertyville)

If you’re a parent to a baseball player in Libertyville, you are quite familiar with this park. If not, welcome to Butler Lake Park! Located less than a mile from downtown Libertyville, your kids will love it.

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Butler Lake Park has two play areas — one for 5 to 12 year olds and one for 2 to 5 year olds. Parking is located near the bigger/older kid structure and can be accessed from Lake Street. The official address and additional parking is located off of Winchester Road, but you will have a longer walk (and will end up closer to the smaller/younger kid structure).

The play structure for the older kids has slides, diggers, a suspension bridge, a fireman pole, monkey bars, and swings. I will warn you, the monkey bars were fairly high for my six-year-old to both reach and to jump down from.

The play area for your littler ones is just a short walk away. It has a similar but lower play structure and a couple of infant swings. This one, as well, as high monkey bars.

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Butler Lake Park is a great place to meet up with friends and/or have a lunch out. There are covered picnic tables and a water fountain. Benches are near the structure to watch and chat from.

In addition to the play structures, there are baseball fields, so if you go at night or on the weekend, you might catch a game (warning: the play area will be crowded). There is also a bike/running path in both directions. If you head north on the path, you will need to cross Winchester (which is somewhat busy), but it is a beautiful trail and forks off–both forks coming to two other playgrounds.

Butler Lake itself is quite breathtaking—and a great spot for fishing.

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And the highlight of the trip for us: turtles and fish! We found the cutest little turtle on the path and the playground was quickly abandoned by my children. This was a reminder to me: ALWAYS CARRY HAND SANITIZER! You never know when your kids will be picking up wildlife.
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Another perk to this park: it is close to downtown Libertyville. After a day in the park, there are some great restaurants just east on Lake Street.
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What is your child’s favorite thing to do at Butler Lake Park?

Butler Lake Park
835 W. Winchester Rd., Libertyville

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