Park Profile: Townline Community Park (Lake Forest)

For once, there were no planned activities on our calendar. To my children’s delight, I announced our road trip to research a playground. Just off of Route 60 is Townline Community Park, located in Lake Forest.

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This was our first time here. My kids’ eyes were drawn right to the web. Unfortunately, neither was born a natural climber. Because of this, they’re not as playground-savvy as most. But this playground was still perfect for them! The web was just high enough for them to feel a sense of accomplishment, but not so ridiculously high that I was internally praying they wouldn’t fall the whole time.

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The main structure had slides for all ages: a small one for tots and three larger ones for elementary-aged kids. There were both stairs to access the slides, as well as a short climbing wall. Again, perfect for less-experienced climbers (and worried mothers like me).

Another favorite piece at this playground was the zip line. (However, it was a little hard for my six-year-old to reach on his own.) Other fun pieces were the swings (both infant and regular), a merry-go-round, and a small teeter-totter.

If you’d also like to get a walk in, there was a nice path meandering through prairie land. I’m guessing this offers different views in the various seasons.

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With a large pavilion near the playground, Townline Community Park would be a perfect for a picnic with friends. There are lots of covered picnic tables, garbage and recycling, water fountains, and nearby bathrooms. Disclaimer: There is a baseball field right next to the playground, so it might get busy during baseball season.

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Townline Community Park
1555 West Kennedy Road (Route 60/Townline Rd.), Lake Forest

townline park lake forest

What do your kids like to do at Townline Community Park?

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