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We are in a time where every dollar and how you spend it counts, we get that. That’s why you want your advertising dollars to be seen by the most eyes. Unlike traditional print media where your ad is seen once before heading to the recycling bin, online ads are seen on every single visit to the site. In addition to eyes, by utilizing our writers to review and promote your product or service you add a personal, social, level to your advertising missing in traditional advertising.

Our reach goes beyond the numbers on the screen. Each of our writers is still a mom involved in her own local community. Whether it be a MOMs club, preschool, Scouts, places of worship, or book clubs. We are more then anonymous writers behind a screen. Our circle of influence is bigger than can be captured by numbers alone as we don’t communicate exclusively online. We are out and about talking to others about where we have been and what we are doing.

Contact Melissa (littlelakecounty at gmail dot com) for more information or to view our media kit.

We specialize in individualized campaigns, please let know how we can best meet your needs!

Some of our past partners

* Special rates are available for Etsy shops, email Melissa for more info!

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  1. Happy Friday!
    My name is Sue Tierno and I too, am a Mom to 4 wonderful kids! I also am one of the owners of Suzy’s Swirl, Frozen Yogurt, Gelato and Sorbetto, in Gurnee Il.

    First, thank yo so much for including us in your list of events for December!
    We really enjoyed having Santa visiting Suzy’s! Plus it was great for kids to come in and visit with Santa without standing in any long lines!!

    I also wanted to let you know of a great offer we have at Suzy’s! Monday – Thursday from 11-2 kids 5 and under eat for Free at Suzy’s! Mom’s, Dad’s and Caregivers can come in enjoy a sweet treat with the kids!!

    Thank you again for this opportunity to let all of your followers know about Suzy’s Swirl!

    Have a Swirling Great Week-end!
    Sue Tierno

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