Passport to Flavor: Visit Cuba

Dining with Children

We’ve challenged your children to become global citizens without leaving Lake County by grabbing a Passport to Flavor and taking our Global Dine Around Challenge for Kids. Today we’re heading south and looking for some warmth and sunshine, our destination is Cuba!

cuban dining in lake county

Cuban Dining in Lake County

Sadly, both Cuban restaurants we featured in Lake County closed. If you are up for a drive you can get your Cuban fix at Cubano Bros in Elk Grove Village. Don’t want to travel that far? My husband is a Cuban sandwich aficionado and he loves the Cubano wrap at Emil’s.

Take the Challenge:

Try an empanadilla, a small hand-held pie made of dough folded over a filling of seasoned meat and then deep-fried. Pair it with a side of fried yucca for a complete meal. Kids who love french fries will love fried yucca, a starchy tuberous root with a similar taste to potatoes.

Dance, Nana, Dance / Baila, Nana, Baila: Cuban Folktales in English and Spanish  by Joe Hayes

Folklorist and storyteller Joe Hayes first visited Cuba in 2001. He fell in love with the island and its people and began to look for opportunities to meet and listen to Cuban storytellers and to share the stories he knew from the American Southwest. Out of that collaboration came this savory collection of Cuban folktales, which Joe frames with an introduction and an all-important Note to Storytellers. (from Amazon)

If you travel to Cuba, the people will greet you with a smile. Right away they’ll want you to come to their home and eat a meal. In the meal, you’ll find a mixture of foods and flavors from Spain and Africa—and from many Caribbean cultures as well. In Cuban folktales, you will taste the same delicious mixture of flavors.

Before you go, print out this coloring sheet to take with you and your kids can learn more about Cuba while they wait for their food!

Cuba Coloring Sheet

Cuba Coloring Sheet Placemat

By Loralie

When Loralie isn’t out exploring with her two pint-sized adventurers you’ll often find her in front of her computer plotting to take over the world (or at least Lake County.) She appreciates good friends, good food, expensive shoes and parents who make two lanes in the drop-off/pick-up line at school. Her spirit animal is The Hobbit. She invites you to join her on her quest for unique distractions, diversions and deliciousness in this county we call home.

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Passport to Flavor: Visit Cuba

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