Fan Favorites: Pediatric Dentists in Lake County

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With back-to-school season in full force, it’s time to make those dentist appointments you have been putting off. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry is now even recommending kids have their first dental checkup by their first birthday, so there is a good chance that everyone in your house needs a checkup. Who knew finding a pediatric dentist that you like would be so hard? We went to the experts, you to find the best! We polled our Facebook Fans, and this is who they recommend for the best pediatric dentists in Lake County.

Favorite Pediatric Dentists in Lake County

Affiliated Dental Specialists

Dr. Orbon & Dr. Maddox
1 E. Phillip Rd #102 Vernon Hills, IL | (847) 367-6055
36100 N. Brookside Dr #207 Gurnee, IL |  (847) 263-1801

Dr. Orbon at affiliated dental is a great pediatric dentist.” ~ Our writer Maureen

“Dr. Maddox with Affiliated Dental is great! And, I have a child with special needs, they are very patient and understanding!” ~ Janice on Facebook

Children’s Dentistry Group

Dr. Herer 
195 South Rand Road, Suite 110 Lake Zurich | (847) 726-0300

“Children’s dentistry in Lake Zurich! They are awesome!!”

Allison from Facebook

For more about this office, read Loralie’s recent review of Children’s Dentistry Group.

Children’s Dentistry of Lake County

Dr. Christine Lee
5250 Grand Avenue,  Gurnee | (847) 802-9972

We go to Children’s Dentistry in Gurnee, too. Both kids LOVE her. I really like her approaches, explanations, and information. Oh, and all the girls in the office are all so sweet!” ~ Pam on Facebook 

Dr. Christine Lee in Gurnee is amazing! I figured she would have already been mentioned since she’s usually the first one mentioned in threads like this. Seriously. Bring your kids to her. You’ll wish you were a kid too.” ~ Jamie from Facebook

Dental Dreams

2821 Grand Avenue Waukegan | (847) 662-4400

I use Dental Dreams…they’re awesome with my kids, have a playground inside their building, and have great hours.”

Jaime on Facebook

Dr. Ted’s Smile Island

Dr. Ted Loiben
123 McHenry Road, Buffalo Grove | (847) 459-9100

Dr. Ted’s Smile Island. Hokey name, great care. When my son was 6, Dr. Ted painlessly removed a tooth before my son even had a chance to get scared.” ~ Maureen on Facebook

Dr. Ted has taken care of my kids for 7+ years. Both have special needs and they actually look forward to going every time.” ~ Jennifer on Facebook

Forest Orthodontics & Pediatric Dentistry

840 S. Waukegan Rd. Lake Forest | (847) 615-5437
2584 N. Illinois Route 83, Round Lake Beach | (847) 752-5439

Kid’s Dentist

160 Commerce Dr, Grayslake |   (847) 223-1400

Kids Dentist for sure. If you have a child with special needs, autism, this is hands down the best place.”

Brienne on Facebook

Lake Forest Pediatric Dentistry 

Dr. Joe Gordon
500 North Western Avenue, Lake Forest | (847) 482-1900

All Family Dental

Dr. Scott
719 Barron Blvd. Grayslake |(847) 986-6724

“We loved Dr. Scott when we took both our boys for their checkups. He’s at Pediatric & Children’s Dental in Grayslake plus they have a couple of other locations.”

Our writer Rosemary

Who will be cleaning your kid’s teeth? Tell us in the comments!

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Disclosure: Fan Favorite listings are not an endorsement of a particular office or doctor but are provided to give the community more in-depth information about options available.

Fan Favorites: Pediatric Dentists in Lake County
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