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Little Lake County parents are active, mobile and always seeking adventure! Sometimes we even traverse outside of our fair county to find family entertainment beyond our borders. Due to popular reader demand, we introduce “Little McHenry County,” a monthly column dedicated to finding fun with our neighbors to the west, written by McHenry County Moms in the know. This month we look at a new party and event venue in Crystal Lake.

Little McHenry County

Must Love Pink

Searching for the perfect place to celebrate your little but not-so-little girl’s birthday? Look no further, “Pink, Pearls and Girly Girls” in Crystal Lake is the ultimate party venue for your divalicious daughter. If you are looking for an adorably fun, pampering, and glamorous birthday party with the girls, this is the place. Each detail has truly been covered to make your daughter feel like a princess for the day.

Pink, Pearls and Girly Girls
© S. Younge | Little Lake | 2018

Upon arrival at the party, the girls are handed pink lemonade in champagne glasses and are given pink fuzzy robes and flip-flops. Chandeliers, flowers, pearls, and (a whole lot of ) pink adorn the place, with many beautiful touches to make any little “girly girl” swoon.

Pink, Pearls and Girly Girls
© S. Younge | Little Lake | 2018

As the party begins, the girls are split up and pampered with manicures and pedicures in warm rose water. There are plenty of nail polish colors from which to choose, and nail art stickers are available as well. Light, natural colored makeup application is then provided to give the girls an extra boost of glamour. The owner of the venue is a professional photographer, so once the girls are all dolled up, she takes stunning portraits of each individual and the group. The props are adorable, and the girls feel like little models.  Each party guest is given a download of their glam shot within a day or two of the party. Then the girls head to the celebration room, where the birthday girl can open gifts and everyone can eat in between giggles.

Pink, Pearls and Girly Girls
© S. Younge | Little Lake | 2018

Easy for Mom and Dad Too!

My daughter’s 9th birthday party was held here and it was a total success. I will never forget the look of awe in her eyes when she first walked into the pink paradise. The service was amazing, and the staff really went out of their way to accommodate our requests and make the girls feel special. We were able to bring in any food or snacks we wanted, so we had all of my daughter’s edible favorites there, including pizza. Everything was decorated exquisitely with lovely plates and linens. The set-up/clean-up by the staff made it almost effortless for us too.

We had a little extra time at the end of the party, so the staff organized some freeze-dance and other fun games to continue entertaining the girls. After the party, my glowing daughter gushed, “This was the best day ever, I loved getting so fancy with my friends!” What mom doesn’t want to hear that after making the effort to pull off a birthday party?

Pink, Pearls and Girly Girls
© S. Younge | Little Lake | 2019

Please note that there is a minimum of an eight girl guest count and a maximum of 14 girls, due to the services offered and space constraints. Also, no cake or food is provided by the facility.

Not just for Birthdays!

Pink, Pearls and Girly Girls also hosts special events that are open to the public on various occasions. A morning with Mrs. Claus, a New Year’s Eve event, a first anniversary event, and an upcoming Valentine’s event are several of the most recent special days that have been/will be held. Please check out the Facebook page to keep up-to-date on these fun days.

So next time you are trying to figure out a unique, adorable and easy party venue, or simply need to schedule a girls day, check out “Pink, Pearls, and Girly Girls.” Your little diva will be in heaven!

Pink Pearls & Girly Girls
7105 Virginia Road, Suite 2, Crystal Lake IL 60014 US
(815) 893-4848 | Facebook

© S. Younge | Little Lake | 2018

What event will you plan at Pink, Pearls and Girly Girls?

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