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Have you heard about Pinterest? Seen pins or comments on your Facebook feed and wondered what all the buzz was all about? I am a social media lover, I’m on multiple networks and I use it all day long. However, I’m not a social media pusher, I know it’s not for everyone. However I’m here to tell you if you are:
  • A parent
  • A Homeschooler
  • A DIYer
  • Crafty
  • A Sewer
  • Like to cook or bake
  • Love home design or decorating
  • A fashionista
  • Photographer
  • general lover of pretty things
You want to be on Pinterest. Since this is mostly a parenting blog I’m going to focus on that. So first up, what is Pinterest?
Pinterest is an online pin board where you can save images you like, find interesting or want to try. It’s like a virtual bulletin board or refrigerator door where you hang all the clippings and ideas you find in magazines and newspapers only this doesn’t clutter up your living space!
Some examples of my boards are Crafting (one for me and one for the kids), Holiday ideas for Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Valentines, and Birthday boards both a general idea one and one to collect ideas for the current years three themes.
Some people complain that it makes them feel terrible about their skills and their house. I can see that, but honestly I have done more projects since starting it than I did before. I used to keep all my project ideas either booked-marked in my browser or in my reader. My sewing folder in my reader looks like this:
Hard to find something to do unless I know exactly what I am looking for and not really inspiring. Many of those same tutorials are now on my sewing board which looks like this:
Not only is it nicer looking and more inspiring to look at. I’m a visual person and this more motivating to me to get up an do something!
So now that I have your interest what do you do with it? I believe it’s still invite only (if you need one leave a comment on this post with your email and I will send you one). Mashable has a great tutorial on how to get started with Pinterest so I am not going to duplicate that here, it’s really easy.
Once your there be sure to follow us!
You can also find me and several of our writers over there:
Melissa (focus on crafts, DIY, and lots of recipes)
Kristy (lots of homeschooling and healthy/green home)
Kate (focus knitting and crafts)
Whitney (just getting started!)
Are you on Pinterest? Leave your link below so I can follow you!


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