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Back in the olden days, aka 2006, we didn’t have things like Pinterest to help us parents out with things like planning for classroom parties.

You would have to go to this place, tell me if you have heard of it, called the l i b r a r y and look for b o o k s.

Books that would have pages that would slow you down in the process of trying to find fun things to do with your child and their friends.

But nowadays, all you have to do is turn on your computer and click on the red Pinterest button and BOOM!

Christmas party ideas!

Birthday party ideas!

St. Patrick’s Day party ideas!

I even have a board on Pinterest dedicated to Valentines!

Which is funny because I don’t plan any parties nor do I make creative Valentine-y things for my girls other than hitting the Target dollar spot for their Valentine gifts.

Tip- it’s too late to get them anything from there now. Sorry.

BUT, thanks to MY Valentine board on MY Pinterest account, YOU can be the coolest mom in the cul-de-sac without really even trying.

Consider me your Valentine doula.

The first Valentine idea comes from my blog.

Because I totally love this idea AND it is cheap AND you won’t get sideways looks from the other parents thinking you are trying to be that parent.

Don’t pretend you don’t know what I am talking about.

All you will need are illegal paint chips, a hole punch, ribbon and a sharpie.

It doesn’t have to be a red ribbon and it doesn’t have to be a heart shaped hole punch either so you can do this last minute as well.

Go here to get all the details and tell the paint department at Home Depot hello.

Okay so the next one is also from my blog but I didn’t come up with either of these ideas.

I stole them from someone else, WITH CREDIT TO THE OTHER PERSON OF COURSE.

I am not creative, people.

The sooner you learn this, the better.

But I am a really good Pinterest reader so by osmosis I have become creative and so can you.

This one is really cute but will take a little more planning.

You probably won’t be able to find the bags but you could use Ziploc baggies in a pinch but I do love this idea. Go here for all the details.

Picture courtesy of Free Time Frolics

I love the above Valentine idea especially if you are 1- working on a solar system unit in school and 2- aren’t doing the whole candy thing because of an allergy.

This would work better in older grades because of the whole bouncy ball scenario which could be disastrous in a lower than 4th grade level.

I can hear teachers everywhere letting out a collective gasp.

Yeah, stick to lollipops.

If you are brave, check out her tutorial here.

courtesy of PluckyMomo

The above site offers several no candy options for Valentines but a lot of them require such things as planning and time.

Which, if you are reading this now, is not an option.

Maybe bookmark this for NEXT year.

Or tell your kids that Valentines Day was postponed until next month and make them then.

If you have mad craft skills, a cool craft stash and like working under pressure, go here to check out her creative ideas.

One last minute Valentine idea that I have no picture for but we have done before is getting out some good old fashioned construction paper and let them cut out hearts and decorate them with whatever you have in your craft stash.

In mine that includes free address labels from the Audubon Society, pipe cleaners that are half ripped apart and glue stained pom poms.

We are nothing if not creative.

That should read we are not creative.

The main idea is that it is fun for the kids, they get to put their spin on it and they get the gist of what Valentines Day is about.

Now if they could tell ME what Valentines Day is about, that would be amazing.

valentines in lake county
Find more Valentines Ideas for the crafty and non-crafty alike.
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