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Although the first official day of summer was June 21st, it sure feels like we are a few weeks into the season already. Before you know it, you’ll be reading back-to-school posts here at Little Lake County. I think that for families with young kids, “summer” is defined by that precious time between the last and first days of school, rather than the solstice or actual season. Each year in the late spring, my mind is racing with all of the awesome things that I want to accomplish that summer. Now that my kids are a little bit older, they have their own ideas about what we should do. To make sure that the summer doesn’t get away from us before we get a chance to do all that we want to, I decided to make a family summer bucket list this year. Now, if you hop on Pinterest you’ll find many adorable DIY projects utilizing repurposed materials, non-toxic chevron printed paper, and mason jars in an on-trend grey and canary-yellow color scheme. Not in the Garvey house; we are all about paper, glue sticks (toxic, of course), and crayons. I will recycle the paper when we are done, though. Over at her blog, Alicia, of Project Alicia, has created a cute (free!) printable of 50 classic summer activities, and you can find many more printables on Pinterest. While you can get crafty and come up with something much cuter, the content of the list was most important to me. Here is our family’s:

Summer Bucket List

We have already checked a few off our list (which, by the way, there is nothing wrong with a simple, hand-written list!). So far we’ve donated to Bernie’s Book Bank through my daughter’s Girl Scout camp, visited the Antioch Farmer’s Market, and hung our clothesline. I also snuck a few things onto this list that my husband has been pretending not to see on his honey-do list, too. Pretty smart right? He already hung the clothesline! No way will he want to be responsible for us not accomplishing everything.

What is on your family’s list of things to do this summer? If you make a list, please share with us, too!


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