plated: The Confidence to Cook {Tasty Tuesday Review}

plated meal deliveryI have found myself getting more and more comfortable in the kitchen. But I still don’t *like* to cook on a nightly basis when it comes to dinner beyond pasta, salad or something baked in the oven. I make a great meatloaf, I can roast a chicken like no ones business. Beyond that I leave the cooking to my very capable husband. However he works hard, and I’m home so I feel guilty and I want to help more.

I meet plated at BlogHer 13 and the concept sounded pretty good. I had heard of those dinner places where you go and get all the ingredients and do all the prep for a weeks worth of dinners and they intrigued me but, none of them had nearby locations.  Plated takes a similar concept and delivers it to your door.

plated meal delivery

The concept

I ordered two dinners for the firs week of school when I knew we were going to be crazy busy. I ordered a steak salad and fish. I was curious about how it would come packed and how fresh the fish would be. The package arrived on a Tuesday afternoon and was packaged up as so:plated dinner packaging

The meat and fish was all the way at the bottom with lots of ice packs and the fish was previously frozen and was still a little crunchy. The greens were still good too, we had them a few days later. However one of the recipes called for mace (which was new to us we had to google it) and it didn’t look good the day it arrived and it did not make it until we had it. The other herbs that were sent did survive mostly okay.

The recipe was easy enough to follow and there are videos online. However if you are a complete novice, never stepped foot in a kitchen before I think the recipes could be a bit confusing and harder to navigate. There were a few incidents where my husband being such a good cook came in handy and helped me out.

 plated dinners

The food was excellent and I did manage to make the fish dish all on my own. Having everything taken care of and per-portioned out for me is just how I like to cook. After the experience it gave me a confidence in cooking dinners that I will keep with me and will only grow and improve.

The down side is the cost. For our family of now 6 eaters we can make and purchase similar meals for a lot less money. I wish this was around when we were childless newlyweds living in the city because it would have been perfect. I think it would make a great gift if you have a wedding coming up or a new graduate and you want to help them start out. For us it was a nice break from the everyday but wouldn’t work in the long term.


Have you ever used a dinner service? Tell me your thoughts in the comments!



Disclosure: I received four plates and a 1 month free membership to plated to facilitate in this review. All plated links provided are affiliate links, if you choose to order through them I will receive a credit. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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