Spring Break Chicago-Style: Play Garden at Maggie Daley Park

Chicago, IL

There’s no need to get on a plane for Spring Break.  Lake County families who want to “get away” for Spring Break have an international vacation destination right on our doorstep!  Hop on the Metra or pack up the car for an exciting day trip into Chicago with the kids. No hotels, no passports, no flight delays.  Enjoy all the culture, sights, and attractions of a world-class city and still put the kids to sleep in their own beds.  This week, we’ve prepared a series of posts to help you enjoy Spring Break Chicago-Style. Hold the ketchup!

Enjoy the first installment in our Spring Break Chicago-Style series, Play Garden at Maggie Daley Park:

The Play Garden at Maggie Daley Park

Spring is the perfect time to visit a new-to-you playground,  but with the kids off school in the next coming weeks, why not Super-Size your playground excursion with a day trip to the brand new Play Garden at Maggie Daley Park in Chicago!

L. Thomas | littlelakecounty.com | 2015

This amazing playscape actually opened for use in December, but with winter snows melted away now is the time to come and play!  Maggie Daley Park is located just east of Millennium Park (over the Columbus Drive pedestrian bridge) and just north of Grant Park.

L. Thomas | littlelakecounty.com | 2015

Maggie Daley Park is the result of a massive construction project to reinvigorate the northern edge of Grant Park. While several areas are still under construction, this December guests enjoyed the newly opened skating ribbon, which in warmer weather will accommodate scooters and in-line skating.   According to the Chicago Park District’s website, other amenities that will be open in Spring 2015 include:

In 2015, visitors can enjoy the Climbing Park with features on the wall for experts and beginners, the Play Garden for children, an Enchanted Forest with a mirrored maze and kaleidoscope, The Lagoon, The Sea and The Harbor play apparatus for toddlers, a Wave Lawn for recreation for all ages, a Slide Crater with spiral slide and wide and rail slide features, as well as access to event rental space in the fieldhouse and open lawn.

L. Thomas | littlelakecounty.com | 2015

On a recent visit, my children could have easily spent the entire day just in the Play Garden, even though some of the areas were still under construction. Despite being a busy Friday, the size of the playground and the variety of play areas ensure there is room for all to enjoy. Indeed the playground is so impressive; there are almost as many adult tourists enjoying the views as children. I have to admit, it’s very difficult to just sit back and watch. You won’t be able to resist climbing the giant play towers and sliding down slides yourself, nor should you!

Maggie Daley Park L. Thomas | littlelakecounty.com | 2015

With spring thaws leaving many of our local playgrounds too muddy to deal with, I very much appreciated the turf ground cover.  The views of the lake and city skyline aren’t too shabby either.

L. Thomas | littlelakecounty.com | 2015

One feature we can’t wait to return for is The Sea and The Harbor play area, which was closed to us on our recent visit. We’re so anxious to climb aboard!

L. Thomas | littlelakecounty.com | 2015

The Maggie Daley Play Garden is open to all and is a must-do for your Spring Break day trip into Chicago. There are several paid parking garages throughout the area. To find and reserve discounted parking, I recommend using SpotHero and downloading their free app. You can also ride the Metra into the city, which is often a treat for children in and of itself. Maggie Daley Park is just 1.5 miles from Union Station and the kids can ogle all the architecture along the way while chasing pigeons on their urban hike.

Maggie Daley Park
337 E. Randolph Street, Chicago
Chicago Park District Website | Maggie Daley Park Construction Page

By Loralie

When Loralie isn’t out exploring with her two pint-sized adventurers you’ll often find her in front of her computer plotting to take over the world (or at least Lake County.) She appreciates good friends, good food, expensive shoes and parents who make two lanes in the drop-off/pick-up line at school. Her spirit animal is The Hobbit. She invites you to join her on her quest for unique distractions, diversions and deliciousness in this county we call home.

Disclosure: I received a promotional code to try SpotHero for free and have been so impressed with their service I felt compelled to share. No compensation was received.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  

Spring Break Chicago-Style: Play Garden at Maggie Daley Park

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