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Adler Park Playground

While Adler Park itself is huge (over 100 acres,)  its playground is tucked away in a secluded little corner behind Adler Pool.  I would never have even known it was there if we hadn’t visited on the advice of a friend when my children were still toddlers.  Therein lies some of its charm, most days we find this park to be fairly quiet unless a summer camp is in session nearby.

Speaking of toddlers, I love, LOVE this park for little ones. There’s so many reasons that make it great for toddlers and preschoolers.

L. Thomas | | 2015
L. Thomas | | 2015

Reason #1 – Low Structures

Nothing gets a mama’s heart racing like her 18-month old about to take a tumble off the top of a 8-ft. high play tower (I’m looking at you Warren Township Park…it’s okay I still love you too.)  So thank goodness there are no death-defying heights at Adler Park’s playground.   Certainly there are elevated points, but nothing that raises any alarms with this mama.

L. Thomas | | 2015
L. Thomas | | 2015

Reason #2 – Great Sight Lines

From my perch on the park bench, I have an almost panoramic view of the entire playground with little to no blind spots, unless your child crouches underneath or behind structures.  If you find you have to shadow your little one at other playgrounds to keep them safe, you can feel much more at ease at this playground. Maybe you’ll even sit down and have a conversation with another adult!

Reason #3 – Shade

Adler Park’s playground enjoys abundant shade and is surrounded by mature trees making it an oasis during the sweltering summer months.

Reason #4 – Parking

The lot abuts almost directly to the playground, separated by a little green space and a paver patio.  It makes it so convenient to run back to the car to grab a water bottle, snack, or a clean diaper, and you remain within eyesight of your child the entire time.  Any parent of a little one understands that it’s just as important for them to be able to see you as for you to be able to keep an eye on them.  If you have a child who has a difficult time transitioning when it’s time to leave, it’s a lot less distance to navigate when you’re having a hard time getting them back into the car.

Reason #5 – Restrooms

There are real working restrooms nearby at Adler Lodge.  Not far by adult standards, but somewhat of a walk for a toddler when a potty emergency erupts.  Do a pre-emptive potty run upon arrival or prepare for a scoop and sprint!

L. Thomas | | 2015
L. Thomas | | 2015

Reason #6 – Sandpit

This can be a pro or a con for caregivers, depending on your stance on sand in your vehicle, but kids adore it!  If you have a construction-nut, he or she will love using the sand-diggers.

L. Thomas | | 2015

There’s not much negative to say about this little gem of a playground.  It is an older playground, and may lack some polish but it suits us just fine.  Its location in a heavily wooded area can serve to attract bugs depending on the time of year, but when you’re out in nature it’s the price you pay.  If you have a little one, it’s really worth seeking out.  If you have older children in tow, they are sure to find fun for themselves too.  There’s even a frisbee golf course if you are so inclined to participate. It’s the reason you’ll see so many teenagers emerging from the woods in the summer. Don’t worry, they aren’t up to no good, they’re just playing frisbee golf!

Adler Park
1500 N. Milwaukee Ave., Libertyville
Located behind Adler Pool, enter from Milwaukee Ave. and turn right and follow the road behind the pool. The Park is at the far end of the parking lot.

Libertyville Recreation & Sports Complex Department
(847) 918-7275
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