Playground Profile: Behm Homestead

Grayslake, IL

Behm Homestead is a park you have probably driven past a bunch of times without really knowing what all was there. Located right off of Petersen Road between Alleghany and Route 60, this park is probably better known for housing fields, lots of fields, for baseball and football. However, it’s got a great little park nestled in the center of it all, ideal for keeping younger siblings entertained during games or for a pit stop on the way home.

behm park grayslake

This large park is maintained by the Fremont Township and is used by the Lake County Lightning, Lake County Stallions Football/LaCrosse and the Mundelein Soccer Association. The facility includes baseball diamonds, football, soccer and lacrosse fields, pickleball courts and 1.7 mile walking trail with fitness stations.

The playground is in the middle of this and is a short walk from the onsite parking lot and near the building housing bathrooms. It’s a well spread out park that allows a parent to stand in the middle and watch children all around the playground as well as keep an ear on sports fields surrounding it. The ground cover is shredded tire providing a soft and bouncy landing service.

Behm park grayslake

The playground itself has something for every personality and stage of development. There are two structures large and small that feature slides and climbing walls. The smaller structure also has a steering wheel and small market counter for imaginative play. There is also a large, winding climbing structure separate from the structure with the slides that gives children lots of places for climbing and physical challenges. It was a great park for a game of follow the leader!

It also has lots of swings including an adaptable swing and the ever popular spinner. My kids also enjoyed the riding animals, the nostalgic side of me loved the horse which looks like the playgrounds of our youth.

behm park grayslake

The park has some young trees surrounding it, but offers limited to no shade. It also suffers from something I notice at many large sport field complexes – wind. We went on a late summer day and it was very windy out there!

Tucked away from the road you might miss this gem of a park when you are driving by, but it’s worth the stop for an afternoon of fun!

Behm Homestead Park
22222 Behm Rd., Grayslake
( 1/2 mile east of Rte. 60 at Peterson Rd)
Maintained by Fremont Township

Have you been to Behm Homestead park? What’s your favorite feature?

behm park

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