Playground Profile: Creekside Park

Grayslake, IL

We have missed getting out and trying new parks over the last year. So we hopped on our bikes and headed out to find some of the neighborhood parks in Grayslake. Sidenote; did you know on Google Maps you can tell if you are on a bike, and it will use the bike paths to direct you? As someone horrible with directions (my internal compass spins in circles), this made the adventure much easier. Our first stop, Creekside Park located in the Estates of East Lake Subdivision.

Creekside Park, Grayslake

Creekside Park is a small playground located on one of the Grayslake bike trails. It’s one of the older park designs but still has plenty of life and something for just about everyone. There are two play structures—the one for older kids with a climbing mountain, horizontal bars, and three different slides. The structure for smaller children features a small slide, platforms with games and music.

The playground is right off the greenway, so there is lots of open space on either side of the park. While we were there, we watched dogs play catch and run around the field. There are many old-growth trees around the park, causing it to be in partial shade that moves around the park throughout the day.

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The pine tree cluster made a grade spot for some safe exploring of nature. A bridge connects the bike path over a small creek on the outskirts of the park. Children will be able to see the bridge, the secret bridge we called it since it’s well hidden, and it may tempt wondering.

There are several benches as well as picnic tables and grills. If you are riding the Grayslake bike trails, it’s a great stopping point for a snack or to stretch your legs. There is only street parking available, and we rode our bikes, so I cannot confirm how much or what the restrictions on parking there are. Please be mindful that it is in a neighborhood.

There was plenty to entertain my eight and ten years old while we were there. There is enough variety of equipment that any age would have a great time there. Also, the shade and tables make it a great spot to meet for a picnic playdate with friends.

Creekside Park, Grayslake
maintained by the Grayslake Park District
725 Walton Ln, Grayslake, IL 60030

Playground Profile: Creekside Park
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