Playground Profile: Fort McHenry {McHenry}

If you have an older climber who just keeps going, and going, and going, then you need to check out Fort McHenry in McHenry, since it also keeps going, and going, and going.

Fort McHenry, McHenry
J. Gebbink | Little Lake | 2017

While this park may not seem too big from its close proximity to the parking lot, once you get inside the wooden fence you’ll discover that there are gobs of places to explore inside. Adults will appreciate this old-school style wooden playground with lots of updated additions. From super fast slides, giant tires to jump on, fire poles to zip down, webs to climb, and monkey bars to swing on, your kids will have a blast here.

Fort McHenry, McHenry
J. Gebbink | Little Lake | 2017

The best feature of this park is all of the nooks and crannies hidden about.  There are fantastic hiding spots for a rousing game of hide and seek or an imaginative game of “house” or “pirate ship.”  Although, keep in mind, if you have younger kids, these hiding spots may be a little stressful since you definitely cannot see your kids at all times.

Fort McHenry, McHenry
J. Gebbink | Little Lake | 2017

For parents, there are lots of benches to sit on, some even in the shade, and a handful of picnic tables on the outskirts of the park. For tiny climbers there is a huge sandbox (bring your own toys) and a very small area that is toddler safe. Other than that, this park really is geared for bigger kids. With lots of stairs and hidden drop offs and ledges, toddlers will not be able to conquer this park without help. But for the older kiddo with energy to spare, this is the perfect park for you!

Fort McHenry
4301 Front Royal Dr., McHenry

fort mchenry playground

 What do your kids like best about Fort McHenry?

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