Playground Profile: Kracklauer Park {Mundelein}

Kracklauer Park is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year as well as being Mundelein’s oldest park. However, don’t let its age fool you. It isn’t just an “old” park. With its free Sunday concerts, multiple play structures, creek, and dance studio it makes it a perfect park to check out this summer with your kids of all ages.

Kracklauer Park Mundelein
Kracklauer Park in Mundelein, Credit: L. Thomas

Kracklauer Park is the place to be on Sunday nights all summer long. The park has free concerts from 5:00 to 6:30pm every Sunday until August 24th. The concerts are free; all you have to bring is a blanket or a chair to sit on and some food if you would like. Children can play at the park or dance in the spacious field while listening to the music on cool summer nights.

Kracklauer Park Mundelein
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This park has two large play structures. One is geared for older children and the other is geared for younger children.  The one for older children features four swings, a sandbox with diggers,  five slides; four of them are parallel racing slides and one is a bumpy slide.  This play structure also has things to interact with such as mix and match animals and a wheel to turn.

Kracklauer Park Mundelein
Play structure for older children. Credit: Mundelein Park & Recreation District

One of the best features about this play structure for older children is the wiggly suspension bridge.  My eleven year old cousin had so much fun jumping and running across this bridge.  However, I would say that because of this bridge, this play structure is best suited for older children about age four to about age twelve. My two year old kept falling when walking across this bridge because of how steep it is. After some tears, I directed my son over to the smaller play structure.

Kracklauer Park Mundelein
Suspension Bridge at Kracklauer Park. Credit: T. Rubel

The other play structure is geared towards younger children probably under age six. It features four baby swings, a crawling tunnel, horses to ride on, and six slides!

Kracklauer Park Mundelein
Play structure for younger children at Kracklauer. Credit: Mundelein Park & Recreation District

One of the slides in this play structure is pretty special in my opinion. See, my son has always been afraid to go down the enclosed tube slides at parks. He would always just sit up at the top of the slide wanting to go down but would be too scared to actually go down them. Kracklauer Park is the only park I have seen so far that has a tube slide with a clear roof. Because my son was able to see outside of the slide he was no longer afraid. He went down that slide about fifteen times.

Kracklauer Park Mundelein
Tube slide at Kracklauer. Credit: T. Rubel

Other features of this park are tennis courts, a gazebo available for rentals, a spacious field, picnic areas, swinging benches, a table with chess board painted on it, and of course the creek! Kracklauer Park has a beautiful creek  that runs behind the entire park. The water is only a couple inches deep and throughout the summer you will see kids splashing in the water.

Kracklauer Park Mundelein
The creek at Kracklauer Park. Credit: T. Rubel

A highlight of this park is the dance studio on site.  The studio operated by the Mundelein Park & Recreation District offers lessons for dance enthusiasts aged 2 1/2 to adult. This would be great for families who have multiple children. While one child’s class is going on, the other child can be entertained by playing at the park just about fifty feet away from the dance studio.  No more bored children sitting and waiting around for the class to be over.

Kracklauer Park Mundelein
Dance Studio at Kracklauer Park. Credit: T. Rubel

Although this park does not have a bathroom or a drinking fountain there is a McDonalds literally a few feet away from the park.  You can change the baby’s diaper and buy lunch all right there. Then all you can do is hope that the kids will actually take a nap on the car ride home!

Kracklauer Park Mundelein
Credit: T Rubel


Kracklauer Park does not have its own parking entrance off Rte 45. When I come to the park I always park in the parking lot next to the Dance Studio located at 100 N. Seymour Avenue.


Editor’s Note: It’s unique history as Mundelein’s oldest park, Mundelein Park & Recreation District’s 60th Anniversary, and Kracklauer Park’s many amenities are just some of the reasons it is the 4th Stop on our Little Lake County Playground Tour 2014.  Get  your FREE tickets NOW through Eventbrite  for Tour Stop #4 on Friday, August 15th at 10am.  

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Kracklauer Park – Kracklauer Park is located between N. Lake St. (Route 45) and N. Seymour Avenue, just south of Division in Mundelein. (Right next to McDonald’s and across the street from Santa Maria del Popolo)

Kracklauer Park Mundelein

Amenities: Two play structures, slides, baby swings, regular swings, a sand play area, spacious empty field, swinging benches, picnic areas, gazebo available for rental, tennis courts, dance studio,  free summer concerts.
Shade: Partial. Some areas are shaded while others are full sun.
Restrooms: No. However a McDonalds next door to the park.
Ground cover: Woodchips
Good for: All ages.  I would only recommend it up to about age nine.






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