Playground Profile: Millennium Park

Lindenhurst, IL

When you have little ones, good parks are like gold. When you come across one you love, you have to spread the word! Millennium Park is one of those great parks that you want to tell everyone about. I came across this park two years ago, by accident, and it’s now one of our favorites.

Millennium Park, Lindenhurst

Located in Lindenhurst, on 13 beautiful acres of land, this park is adjacent to a beautiful Lake County forest preserve called Bonner Heritage Farm. I had signed my little one up for some classes through LCFPD and attended them at Bonner Farm. The farm grounds are charming and delightful, and if you have a little one, I strongly urge you to check out the classes offered there. They are a lot of fun! Since we had packed a lunch and planned on spending more time outdoors, we were thrilled to spot a playground right next to the farm. We headed over there and discovered Millennium park for the first time.

millennium park, lindenhurst
© L.Thomas | Little Lake | 2015

This park is one of those parks that your kids will love! There are many reasons to visit this park and the best part? You can bring any age kids, and you can be assured that they will have fun. There is a lot to explore, so make sure you check out everything!

The Play Structure at Millennium Park

My kids love climbing on the play structures at this park. There is so much to climb up, down, across…the kids will get their climbing fill. My son’s favorite thing in the play structure, though, is the roller slide. It is definitely the most coveted spot in this playground! Watch out for pinched fingers with the tiny ones, but if they are big enough to know better, you can be sure that they will probably slide down this slide a hundred times or more in one visit!

Millennium Park Lindenhurst
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The play area is spread out with a lot of different things for the kids to try out. It is partially enclosed and pretty easy to watch the kids, although, on one side, they can run up and down a hill because, for some reason, even with all the play equipment right in front of them, they just really want to run up and down that hill! This can either be the most fun ever (kids) or the most annoying ever (for parents) since sometimes it is tough to sit on a bench and watch them go down the other side of the hill. So be prepared to move if they are little!

Millennium Park Lindenhurst
© H. Williams | Little Lake | 2015

Parking at Millennium Park Lindehurst

Millennium Park is located in a quiet subdivision, off of Sand Lake Road, just west of Route 45. It is easy to find once you turn off the main road, but it is nestled far enough away from the traffic that it seems like a quiet retreat. Parking is easy to find and plentiful in a lot adjacent to the playground, and a second lot closer to the farm.

Walking/Biking Trail at Millennium Park

Millennium Trail winds around this park and leads you to nearby McDonald Woods Forest Preserve and provides you with a scenic walking or biking trail if you are only interested in a short bike, stroller ride, or walk. The trail winds right by the playground for easy access.

Sports Courts at Millennium Park

If you have older kids, they will probably reluctantly try out the play structure and enjoy it a lot but will be looking for more to do as well. Sand volleyball courts (that double as a sand play area for the little kids!), a soccer field with goals, a basketball court, and a baseball diamond will give them some choices. Bring some equipment and let them have some fun!

Picnic Area at Millennium Park

There is a lot of green space to spread a blanket and have a picnic. Although when you are at a park all day with the kids, especially on a hot day, there are times where you are craving some shade. This park has limited shade cover with trees, but it does also have a covered picnic shelter. Picnic benches are there in case you forgot a picnic blanket, and there is even a grill in case you are looking for more than a packed lunch! Note: Bigger groups do need a permit to use the facility.

Restrooms at Millennium Park

Underneath the picnic shelter holds the one thing that every mom hopes to see when they are at the park with their kids…restrooms! There are bathrooms there for those bathroom emergencies that you know will happen! Better yet, they are clean, well-stocked, and conveniently located near the playground. If nothing else brings you to this park, the restrooms are reason enough to check it out!

Bonner Heritage Farm

This is a very special bonus area to the playground. It is located just a little walk from the park. After your kids get their fill of the other things Millennium Park has to offer, wander on over to check out the fun at Bonner Heritage Farm. You can learn the history of farming with some self-guided exhibits. There are some cool structures that the kids will enjoy looking at, as well as a few little play areas as well, including a big orange tractor for them to climb on. This area is more tailored toward the younger set, but the older ones might enjoy playing and looking at a few things as well.

In a nutshell…

This park is a great find and a must see! On a nice day, you could spend a long time here and would not have to worry about running out of things to do. It is easy to find, and makes for a pleasant day trip. This park definitely caters to all ages, even teens with its sports amenities. Throw some bats and balls in the car, grab a bike if you want, pack a lunch, and head on out to Millennium Park!

Millennium Park
201 Country Place, Lindenhurst, IL
maintained by the Lindenhurst Park District

By: Heather Williams

Heather is a busy mom of three who loves exploring Lake County with her kids. When she, her husband, and kids are not embarking on new adventures, you will most likely find her cooking and posting some great family-friendly recipes at Girl and Her Kitchen.

Playground Profile: Millennium Park

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