Playground Profile: The NEW Engle Memorial Playground

Lindenhurst, IL

I love that more and more park districts are really embracing the concept of multi-use sites. I love being able to take small kids to a park while older kids are at classes or games. The newest park district to expand its site and offer a brand new multi-age playground is the Lindenhurst Park District with the Engle Memorial Park.

Engle Memorial Park lindenhurst

Engle Memorial Park houses the Lippert Community Center, the Haven BMX/Skateboard complex, Parkman Pavillion, and the Engle Junction Tot Lot the new playground is just outside the park district building across from the Tot Lot. 

We visited on a Saturday and while the drive and lot were hopping with traffic and people moving between soccer games and baseball fields. The playground was in use but not crowded. 

Engle Memorial Park lindenhurst

The playground features one large structure that offers varying heights for climbing. It is also accessible from a ramp that connects to the sidewalk that goes around the park. There are plenty of things to do on the structure – a rock wall, bongo drums, spinning wheels and more. Climbers will enjoy being able to challenge themselves, or work up to, various climbing structures from rock walls (big and small) to a spider web, to two trees that kids can “climb” up.

In addition to the ample slides – six, there are swings for everyone! The swing set includes the popular expression swing for babies (where an adult can swing facing the bucket swing) and an accessible swing. 

We were there around noon and there was minimal shade around the edges of the park from the large growth trees. I imagine at different parts of the day it can get very shady. Being next to the community center there are options for real bathrooms as well. 

You will want to stop by this park the next time you are in Lindenhurst. Want to check-it-out with friends? Come to our Playground Tour on August 14, Lindenhurst Park District is hosting it at Engle Memorial Park! 

Engle Memorial Park
220 Grass Lake Rd, Lindenhurst, 60046 | (847) 356-6011 
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Have you checked out the new park?

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