Playground Profile: Willow Stream Park [Buffalo Grove]

Looking for a new park this summer? Head out to Willow Stream Park in Buffalo Grove. My kids and I had great fun here.

I love when playgrounds have separate structures for older and younger kids (where were these when my kids were little?). These play areas are next to each other, which makes it easy to keep an eye on both structures at once.

The structure for older kids has a suspension bridge, various slides, a high zip line, monkey bars, swings, and a small climbing wall. There is also a separate climbing wall with fun platforms.

The smaller structure was perfect for littler ones. Only a couple steps off the ground it has small slides, things to spin, and places to climb. There are a couple of baby swings as well.

Logistics: There is ample parking nearby. There is also a pop/water vending machine at the far end of the parking lot. Although the play structure doesn’t have much shade, there is a pavilion with picnic tables. There is also a water fountain and bathrooms near the play structures.

If you have a fan of checkers, there’s a cute checker table–just bring the checkers.

The park also includes a basketball court, a sand volleyball court, and a disc golf course.


While reading the park map, I noticed a pool and tennis courts on the other side of the park. We drove around the park to the other side, although there is a walking/biking path which would have been easier as we actually had to leave the park and go back on main roads. At first we discovered another small play structure in front of the pool, which would be a nice bonus activity after swimming. However, then we found a fabulous structure tucked behind the pool.This was a hidden treasure! The structure is for ages five to twelve and has a tree-house theme. My favorite parts were the meandering balance beam and hollow tree to climb through. Have a climber? There are various branch platforms and a boulder. They’re just high enough to be challenging but not too high for the designated age.

What I really liked about this play area was the small pond nearby that had ducks. The tree house theme fit the woodsy surroundings.

Willow Stream Park had so much to offer!

willow stream park

What’s your favorite thing to do at Willow Stream Park?


Willow Stream Park
651 Old Checker Rd, Buffalo Grove, IL 60089
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Willow Stream Park will be the host site for the next stop on our 5th Annual Playground Tour! Watch for an announcement tomorrow!

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