Puretergent has PURE-ly Inspired Me to Enjoy Laundry! #PURElove

Our home has lots of love and plenty of laundry between military gear and cloth diapering our 16-month old, so trying to find the perfect laundry detergent for each of our special loads has been a daunting task.

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I was having some trouble with excessive soap build-up with our cloth diapers to the point where we were debating if it was worth the hassle to keep trying detergents.  Then we found one that left the diapers not only smelling clean without fading the fabric, but also free from the continual soap build-up.

Prior to this product review, I never heard of Puretergent brand before, so of course trying it out on my little guy’s laundry (especially items so close to his delicate bottom) made me slightly on edge for the fear of the unknown, but this product is for us! It cuts through the dirtiest of diapers yet is gentle enough for his sensitive skin.  (He definitely doesn’t get that from me; that’s all daddy!)

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I read on the company website for tough stains to add a small drop of detergent on the area and let it pre-soak for roughly 10 minutes. I decided to put it to the test.  Amazingly, their company is true to their word; I may have the whitest diaper inserts in all of Lake County!

I recently washed his bedding in it and it honestly left his sheets and comforter soft and fluffy (no need for fabric softener either- another bonus); something a lot of products promise, but you rarely experience!

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And the packaging- very attractive!  Everything is simply labeled without all the excess waste that typically comes when shipping a box.

So now that I fell in love with this soap (and company), I knew I had to check out their prices expecting to pay a fortune and be on the hunt for a comparable product, but that is definitely not the case.  They won over my heart and wallet.  For a bag of detergent to wash 50 loads, expect to pay $13, but keep in mind- no fabric softener or dryer sheets needed!  Probably my favorite feature of Puretergent is only using one ounce per load. If you’re looking to stretch a dollar, but use a high quality product, Puretergent is worth looking into for your loads of laundry!  I honestly can’t find one negative thing to share about my experience with Puretergent except that now I secretly enjoy sneaking into the laundry to toss in an extra load before bed!

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Disclosure: Writer received free product samples in order to facilitate her review.  All opinions are her own and no other compensation was received. 

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