Readers Respond: Best Mosquito Fighters for Your Back Yard

2017 will be remembered as the year of the mosquito. They were so bad before the flood, and since the Great Lake County Flood of July 2017, the plaque that is mosquitoes has only increased. According to the Lake County Health Department, floodwater mosquitoes, those that only hatch after flood waters rise and recede are aggressive biters and will reach nuisance levels about a week after flooding — in other words NOW. While these particular mosquitos don’t carry the West Nile virus, they are annoying. In addition, the Culex mosquitoes that do carry West Nile (and have recently tested positive for the virus in Lake County) will start to increase as the flood waters recede. Basically, we are primed and ready for the invasion of mosquitoes.  We asked our readers what they use to keep their backyards relatively bug-free, and we’re also including tips from the health department as well. Read on and protect yourself and kids from being eaten alive this summer!

Best Backyard Mosquito Fighters

Best Backyard Mosquito Fighters

  1. DIY Sprays:
    Terminix Mosquito Bait and Kill

     “It worked so well last year we stocked up when it went on clearance at the end of the season. The stuff is awesome for our unincorporated, close-to-the-swamp yard.”

    – Reader Mande

    Cutter Backyard Bug Control
  2. Professional Sprays
    Skeeter Beater

     Wouldn’t spend a summer without them coming to our yard especially with littles! They also combat ticks!”

    – Reader Jenna


    “We have Orkin spray our yard once a month from April through September. We have never had a problem”
    – Reader Kelly

    Westshore Pest Control – Mundelein

    Mosquito Squad 

    They were the best. Lasted weeks”
    – Reader Audree

  3. Dynatrap Flying Insect Trap
    My mother-in-law has one of these in her backyard and we spent the entire 4th of July holiday outside with not a bug, it was wonderful! They do require power, so keep that in mind. We will be purchasing one for our deck so that we can again enjoying dining outside!

     “We have two in our yard, and if you put them out early, they will disrupt the breeding cycle and keep your yard relatively clear. We swear by ours, it has helped a ton!”

    – Reader Jodi

The county has put out the following campaign to #fightthebite:

The Four D’s as they are called are meant to both prevent mosquito breeding and to help protect you from getting bitten.

  1. Drain
    Mosquitoes lay eggs in standing water, and with so much rain there is plenty of standing water. You can help my turning over things that collect water such as fire pits and kids’ toys when you know it’s going to rain. After a rain, make sure to dump any containers that have collected water. Look for places you may not think of such as blocked gutters. You can report areas of stagnating water to the county by calling the West Nile virus hotline at (847) 377-8300.
  2. Defend
    Use insect repellent that includes DEET, picaridin, oil of lemon eucalyptus, IR 3535, or 2-undecanone on exposed skin. Always follow label instructions and supervise children while using repellents. Make sure your doors and windows close completely and fix any holes in screens.
  3. Dawn to Dusk
    Mosquitoes are most active at dawn and dusk, early morning and night — limiting outdoor activity at this time and or wearing repellent will help. During the day, mosquitoes will tend to stay low in damp places.
  4. Dress
    Mosquitoes can bite through thin clothes. If possible, wear light color clothing and long-sleeved shirts and pants.

How do you and your family fight the bite?

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