Ready for Your Close-up with Cali Parisi Artistry


Pictures always cause stress and strife in our house, and that’s just in the planning! Professional pictures always stress me out, especially for something important. Now that photos are digital, they last forever! I can untag all the unflattering pictures I want, but they will still exist!

For my Women of Distinction story with Suburban Life lake County, I knew that if I wanted to look my best and let my personality shine I was going to need some help polishing up the exterior.

Close-up Ready with Cali-Pairsi Artistry

Cali Parisi Artistry is one of our past MADE in Lake County features and was the make-up artist at our June Mom’s Night Out event. While  I didn’t get to use her that night, I was wowed by her work and personality. She’s very personable and fun, and you will laugh through your whole session!

Cali did my hair and make-up and listened to what I wanted while giving her suggestions without being pushy. The make-up looked amazing. It was me only polished. It was the perfect Instagram filter in real life. Since the photos I was having taken will be in a magazine, Cali suggested false eyelashes. I had never had false eyelashes before, and while in sweats with messy hair, it seemed a little “Tammy Faye Baker,” Cali promised me:

a) I wouldn’t notice them
b) I wouldn’t regret them
c) I would look totally natural with my hair done
So I went for it.

cali parisi artistry
© Rosie Bridges Photography | 2014

I have naturally frizzy curly hair, and on this particular morning, it was pouring rain and humid. I didn’t want a full-blown Brazilian Blowout because I wanted to keep my curl and to look like me, but I didn’t want to have a huge fuzzy head either.

cali parisi artistry
© Rosie Brisges Photography | 2014

Cali worked to give my hair soft curls that could still move and be touched, no pageant hair. It Turned out perfect. Talk about a confidence boost! I was still me, only better. I could have done it myself, but it would have left me stressed and frazzled in a house of kids and would not have looked half as good. Let’s be honest, 90% of the time, I’m putting make-up on in the car because at home…
…someone needs a drink
…to go to the bathroom
…mommy, can you find this, that, or the other.

There are messes and chores, and distractions. Taking the time to have someone else do it meant that I went into the shoot relaxed and confident.


If you have an important event or photos coming up you will want to book with Cali beforehand, you won’t regret it!

Editor’s Note: Photo’s here were taken at The Strand in Libertyville, Cali has since opened her own studio in Burlingon WI.

Connect with Cali Parisi Artistry
52 E Chestnut Street, Burlington, Wisconsin 53105
(224) 374-8471
Facebook | Instagram

*Disclosure: Cali Parisi Artistry will be providing hair and makeup services for our Editor-in-Chief, Melissa, for her September Photo Shoot with Suburban Life Magazine. Melissa will be featured in their October issue as one of Lake County’s Women of Distinction.

Ready for Your Close-up with Cali Parisi Artistry
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