Recipe: Easy Thanksgiving Veggie Tray

Thanksgiving in Lake County

Can you believe Thanksgiving is next week? I am so thankful that we don’t host Thanksgiving since it seems to always sneak up on me every single year. While we don’t host, we always bring something to share with the hosts, usually a dessert and/or an appetizer.

turkey vegetable tray

Easy Thanksgiving Turkey Veggie Tray

Last year one of the cousins and I (bringing all the kids) put together a veggie tray for the kids. We all know how Holiday dinners are never at a normal eating time for toddlers and young kids, and they always take longer than you expect. Now before you roll your eyes and say kids won’t eat veggies or I wish my kids would eat veggies, when hungry, they will.  Seriously every year, I bring one into preschool, and despite parental scoffs, the kids finish it every single time.

So here is what we did, we took this pin and made it our own:

thanksgiving turkey veggie tray

Not bad, considering most of my Pinterest projects look nothing like the pin! We added the tomatoes and what you can’t see is there is avocado under the peppers. I need to bring a bigger tray next year!

There are directions if you follow the pin, but basically, you cut the bottom off a pepper to make a face. We used olives for the eyes and pimento for the waddle. You use any vegetables on hand and arrange them in colored rows around a circular body. As my daughter would say, “easy peasy lemon squeezy.”

As the kids have already asked about Veggie Turkey this year, it has clearly become a new tradition for us. It may take a bit more time than picking up a prepared tray, but it’s more fun {and cheaper} to make your own!

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