Red, White, and FOOD! Festive Fourth of July Recipes

4th of July

It’s the ultimate summer holiday filled with picnics, pot lucks, and barbecues. Your food should be as festive as the occasion! We’ve rounded up some of our favorite (and tried!) recipes to bring a little Red, White, and Blue to your holiday menu this weekend.

festive 4th of july recipes

Festive 4th of July Recipes

Fuel up for the festivities and start the day off right with some Strawberry Rhubarb Oatmeal.

Strawberry Rhubarb Baked Oatmeal

Heather will wow the kids (and maybe teach them a thing or two too) with her Red White and Blue Layered Drinks.

Red White and Blue layered Drink

Or take advantage of the strawberry harvest with some Strawberry lemonade (you can spike it too for the moms and dads!)

strawberry lemonade recipe, kids in the kitchen

A hot summer day deserves some cool treats and we have not one, not two, but three tried and true (and shh! healthy) recipes for Red, White and Blue desserts your kids will love!

dye-free fourth of july ice cream

Make your own Dye-free ice cream, it’s easier than  you think!

Those rocket pops that are perfect to celebrate the fourth with are full of artificial sugar and colors, we have two varieties of DIY ones that are tasty and healthy. Don’t have molds? No problem, make them in paper cups and just peek the cup off to enjoy!

natural firecracker popsicles

Natural Firecracker Popsicles.

Really it’s easy to be festive this time of year with all the amazing berries that are in season. Make it more fun for the kids but turning them into kabobs. Girl and Her Kitchen shares a Cheesecake Dip, the perfect white for dipping those red and blueberries in!

Really with the bounty that is summer in the Midwest all you need is a cookie cutter to make your meal a star spangled feast for the eyes.


But some people (not me) say you cannot live on dessert alone. So how about some Southern Barbecue?

Our Southern Mama gives you the recipe for her perfect southern barbecue beef brisket.

We all know kids will eat veggies if you give them Dip and Heather’s homemade ranch dip is the best. Seriously at our picnic it was gone before the cookies.


Finish off the night with some perfect Apple Cherry Cobbler.

apple cherry cobbler recipe

Happy picnicking! What’s your favorite festive recipe? Share it in the comments!

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Red, White, and FOOD! Festive Fourth of July Recipes
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