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Our family is a pack of road warriors. Let us throw our copious suitcases, duffles of snacks and toys, and odds and ends in the back of the minivan and hit the road! Give us miles of road, books on tape, and license plate bingo any day! We typically take at least 1 or 2 cross country trips a year in the old Honda Odyssey. Our method is to leave in the afternoon and drive through the night with (Lord willing) sleeping children in the backseat.

Photo Credit: Petit Somme
Photo Credit: Petit Somme

Typically our kids are great sleepers, but it is a challenge for anyone to be comfortable strapped in an upright position.  We have tried all shapes and sizes of neck comfort for these journeys. The fun, fluffy travel neck pillows were too large in the back and did not fit against the car seat. The long tube version that was supposed hug their chest and  conform to their bodies just falls to the ground once they let go. We were excited to get to try a pillow that was both comfortable and functional.

The Petit Somme uses 2 support systems,-around and under the chin- to hold the head properly in place. This pillow focuses on the neck area, letting the neck support the head rather than slumping forward uncomfortably onto the chest.

“Petit Somme Neck Pillow does not at any point constrict the child’s breathing, but actually helps facilitate breathing while sleeping, due to the improved posture in the car seat.”

Photo Credit: J. Gebbink | Little Lake County | 2016
Photo Credit: J. Gebbink | Little Lake County | 2016

On our recent nighttime travel we pulled the Petit Somme pillow out of its sweet linen bag and got ready to sleep. My 7 year old tried it out first and loved the soft texture. She felt like her neck was a little too big for it, though. Our 4 year old really liked how well it fit her. She was able to put it on by herself said it was “comfy”. And it did the trick for our 13 month old as well. Because of its unique design with the front of the pillow being wider than the back, it angles the child’s chin upwards, instead of sloping down towards their chest.

Photo Credit: J.Gebbink |Little Lake County| 2016 *Photo is of actually sleeping child
Photo Credit: J.Gebbink |Little Lake County| 2016
*Photo is of actually sleeping child

With both of my kids we had a little difficulty closing the magnets that keep the pillow together under their neck. Once my 4 year old gently pulled the pillow forward, the magnets stayed closed and she drifted off to sleep. The magnets weren’t able to close when my 13 month old used the pillow, probably due to the angle of the car seat. But I felt that their heads still stayed upright and weren’t lolling off to the side, despite the fact.

Photo Credit: J. Gebbink|Little Lake County|2016 *photo is of actually sleeping child
Photo Credit: J. Gebbink|Little Lake County|2016
*photo is of actually sleeping child

All 3 of my girls have continued to use the pillow since our successful, slumbering travel and I’m grateful that they can comfortably and safely get a little shut eye in the car. Visit Petit Somme Neck Pillow today to get your own piece of peace in the backseat.

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Disclosure: The writer received a Petit Somme pillow to facilitate this review, all thoughts and opinions are her own and no further compensation was received.

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