Tasty Tuesday: Roost 59 {Lake Villa}

Roost 59

You’ve probably driven by it and not even realized it was there, or you noticed their van parked out front that looks like a giant hot dog. That’s Roost 59 back there and it is definitely worth a stop.

Located on Route 59 just south of Grand Ave in Lake Villa, this small hidden gem has quickly become our family’s newest go-to place. I admit we drove by it numerous times before ever taking the plunge and trying it out but now that we have, we go two or three times a week. It is conveniently located halfway between the home we are currently living in and the home we are renovating and moving into shortly. After a long day of working at the new place, the last thing we want to do is cook. So to the Roost it is!

Roost 59
Photo Credit Roost 59

When you first walk into Roost 59 you may be a little overwhelmed by their extensive menu – they offer a ton of items, which honestly made me a little skeptical at first. However we have tried many things on the menu and so far everything has been fantastic. They call themselves a “Chicago-Style Grill” with items such as hot dogs (8 different kinds), burgers, salads, panini’s, wraps, catfish (on my list of things to try!), salads, gyros, tacos, chicken, ice cream and a variety of homemade sides. Their signature items: Roost Beef and Roost Pork – both sandwiches. My husband’s favorite thing so far is the Roost Pork, which he gets each time we go now. If you like gyros – try theirs – you will not be disappointed. I love Greek style chicken souvlaki wraps so I ask them to substitute grilled chicken for the lamb meat in the gyros. It is so delicious – it really does rival my absolute favorite Greek place back in my hometown: Victoria, BC.

Photo Credit Roost 59
Photo Credit Roost 59

Not only is the food outstanding here but the customer service is what also brings us back time and time again. It’s a family run business and it’s the same friendly staff there each time. We usually just call our order in ahead of time and it’s ready within 10-15 minutes.

Prices are extremely reasonable as well, especially for families. Kids meals include a side and a drink and are priced at $3.95- $4.25. For our family of 3, our entire bill rarely exceeds $20 (and my husband usually orders several items!). They also have daily specials, such as on Sundays all hot dogs are $0.99.

So next time you are driving past that big Hot Dog on Route 59, take a minute to stop in. Your taste buds will thank you.


Roost 59
37669 IL-59, Lake Villa, IL 60046
(847) 973-2446

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