Tasty Tuesday: Salad for Dinner (That Your Kids will Eat!)

salad kids will eat

This is not a recipe for salad. Some on you know you were already rolling your eyes. I do it every time I look at the pacakge of cheese or  croutons and think to myself, really? Who doesn’t know how to make salad?

No this is more encouragement, advice, ways to make salad fun.

Yes I said salad could be fun.

salads kids will eat

In the summer I not only loose interest in cooking… it’s so hot! I also loose interest in eating dinner (it’s so hot!) but the kids still need to eat, every night at roughly the same time. We’ve started having salad nights as a way to have a light dinner for the adults and as a way to not have to cook!

Now I know having two out of four children who love salads and one who we have to actually say things to like “put down those vegetables and eat some pizza!” is weird. I get that.  I do, however,  have two younger kids who are not keen on salad and we still get them to eat dinner my making it fun.

Step one, everything pre-chopped, cut, sliced and on the table.

salad for dinner We offer a lot of variety, even stuff we don’t plan on putting in our salads. We also make some of it the perfect size for holding, as opposed to salad size (more on that later).  Everyone comes to the table with an empty bowl.

Step two: meat makes it dinner

salads kids will eat

Now I know that’s not the case in everyone’s house, but it is in ours. We have used everything from grilled steak and chicken, to leftover roasted chicken to the above, it’s our favorite. Those are the chicken tenders from Target, you can get them hot or cold and they have just a bit of a kick to them (I can’t believe my picky eater loves them!)

Step three: Let them build and eat what they want

This is where the fun (for the kids) comes in! They get to make it however they want! The only rule we make is that they must take one piece of meat and that they must try to eat everything they put in their bowl.

One kid makes enormous salads heaping with everything. My toddler, grabs a chicken finger, a pile of cucumbers and croutons. The picky eater likes to make her’s into art and make pictured out of her vegetables.

Their salads may not look like mine (namely no dressing, on anyone’s) but they are experiencing and learning about salad and eating their vegetables! Letting them have fun makes dinner less of a battle and more enjoyable for everyone.

Do your kids eat salad? How do you encourage them or make it fun?

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