Screen-Free Week 2012

How much time do you and your kids spend in front of a screen? If you’re like most American Families it’s probably a lot. According to the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood preschoolers spend 32 hours a week with screens and that number goes up higher and higher with the age of the children.
I was shocked when I started adding up how much time we spent watching TV and playing video games. We have spent the last three years actively cutting down or out most of the screen time in our lives. Most weeks my kids watch TV only on Saturday for a few hours, and that includes a family movie night.
If you’ve been thinking about cutting back on your families screen time a great way to get started is to participate in Screen-Free Week. Screen-Free Week (formally TV Turnoff week) was started in 1995 to encourage families to “turn off the screens and turn on life”. This year’s Screen-Free week is April 30-May 6. Many schools celebrate the week and have rallies, contests, and events. If you haven’t heard of any talk to your principal and see if you can help start one.
Worried about how you will keep your kids entertained and yourself sane for a whole week without any screens to zone out in front of? I’ll help get you started with planning your week with a week full of ways to be screen free and still have fun. Finish reading and find out the fun week I planned over at TribLocal.
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