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Winter in Lake County

December 11, 2019 Melissa Haak 0

Winter in Lake County can be long, but it’s also a lot of fun! Consider the length to be extra time for extra fun. From festivals to outdoor activities there is so much to do […]

hike Lake county
Hiking & Trails

Hike Lake County Challenge

September 16, 2019 Melissa Haak 0

As you settle back into school, don’t forget about scheduling some family time, or maybe just some “me time.” Fall is a perfect time to get outside and explore the natural wonders of Lake County. […]

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Outdoor Fun in Lake County

April 24, 2019 Melissa Haak 0

Lake County may only have 4-6 months of really great outdoor weather but when it’s good, it’s very good. From extensive forest preserves to the lake life and everything in between. Whether you want to […]

101 things to do in summer

Summer Fun 101 in Lake County

June 13, 2018 Natalie Rompella 0

Looking for something different to do this summer? Lake County offers an abundance of great opportunities for family fun all summer long — both indoors and outside! Take advantage of all that Lake County has […]

paddle sporting in lake county
Outdoor Play

Paddle Sporting in Lake County

June 30, 2017 Jenna Burris 0

It sounds completely dreamy to me: a beautiful warm day, a slight breeze in my hair, nature surrounding me with its sounds and sights, paddle in hand, and water beneath me. If it sounds just […]