See the Corpse Flower in Bloom at Chicago Botanic Garden

corpse flower blooming

We spent August waiting and watching hoping that Spike the Corpse Flower would bloom at the Chicago Botanic Garden. While he was getting all the attention (and failing to open) Alice the Amorphopallus was quietly kept off display and she is in bloom!

We went to see it yesterday afternoon and here is the scoop if you too want to check out this enormous flower!

Alice the Corpse Flower will be on display today from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. in the Semitropical Greenhouse. You will be directed by signs and volunteers as soon as you enter the garden.

They are doing a much better job of crowd control with Alice. As you approach the Greenhouses you will be directed to a line. We went at 4:00 p.m. yesterday and we waited about 15 minutes. Last evening the wait was as long as 3 hours, so be prepared.

They have lined the greenhouse windows with curtains so no sneak peeks, you have to enter the greenhouse. They are limiting the crowds and have staff on hand to move people through and in, we waited just a few minutes in the greenhouse before we were directed to a spot right up front.

corpse flower at chicago botanic garden

The smell is not overpowering and can be best smelled from the side shown above where the petals overlap. According to one of the volunteers we spoke to this is probably as open as it is going to get so head there today. These are unpredictable and sensitive plants and Alice is off cycle, originally starting to open at midnight. While not fully open you can still see the color, smell the stench and really it’s quite impressive!

If you bring children:

  • Be prepared to wait! Prep them and have snacks or entertainment in line.
  • Strollers are not allowed in the greenhouse. You will be able to keep it in line with you while you outside but will be directed to park it as soon as you enter. Bring a carrier or plan on holding small children and toddlers who will run.
  • The greenhouse is warm. In the 80’s and humid. Dress in layers so you can take stuff off.

For more information on this amazing plant and a super cool time-lapse video visit the Titan Arum page.

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The Chicago Botanic Gardens is open daily. Admission is free, but parking is $25 per vehicle. For easier entry, purchase your parking in advance.follow For discounts on parking, contact your library for a Museum Pass.

Disclosure: I am an ambassador for the garden and my family has received a membership in exchange for me sharing updates, events, and activities at the garden. All thoughts and opinions are my own


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