Semi-Homemade Valentines

Valentine's Day in Lake County

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Pinterest, Blogs, the internet is filled with all sorts of awesome ideas for handmade Valentines for your kids to pass out to their classmates. While I am crafty and I love the idea of homemade Valentines the time never seems to be available to actually execute it. So here we are again 4 days before the holiday are you still battling with the ideas of homemade vs. store-bought? Let me help you! Last year my son saw these Valentines on Pinterest and wanted to make them:

Image via Pinterest, credit: Stitch/Craft Creation

While Stitch/Craft Creations provided a downloadable printable I couldn’t find any place to print it (we don’t own a printer). So we took her idea and combined it with a store-bought card:

light saber valwntines

It’s a simple hack. The box of classroom Valentine’s cards we bought had four designs and three of them had lightsabers in them. I used a craft knife to cut a slit in each card at the lightsaber and we inserted a glow stick (we used bracelet size ones).  It does take some skill so as not to break open the glow bracelets while inserting. We had an adult add the lightsaber after our son signed his cards. We used a little piece of tape on the back and sometimes on the front.

light saber valentines

They were perfect. He got to pass out something that was a little different and I was thrilled to not be passing out more candy! According to him the kids in his class (which is 95% boys) loved them!

Do you do homemade Valentines? Store bought? Or a semi-handmade hack like ours? Share yours in the comments!

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Semi-Homemade Valentines
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