Teaching Preschoolers Left and Right with Mabel’s Labels

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If your mornings are as chaotic as mine finding and getting shoes on little people’s feet can feel like herding cats through rings of fire in a circus.  Four kids doesn’t seem like a lot (most of the time) but it’s 8 shoes and two of the kids can’t do it themselves. No matter how many times we tell her, and all the tricks in our parenting handbook, my four year old still gets her shoes on the wrong feet 50% of the time.

With my first child, before I was fully entrenched in the world of products for children, we drew arrows inside his shoe and said make the arrows point to each other.

shoeoutline (1)

Now I have Mabel’s Labels, so I don’t need to get crafty, or re-apply marker to stinky shoes. Their Preschool Shoe labels are genius, surely they were invented by a frustrated mom:

mabel's labels preschool shoe labels

Not only do the labels make it hard for your preschooler to loose their shoes, they can easily see which  foot to put them on! It’s a puzzle or a game for their feet and they love it! With 5 different designs: butterfly, turtle, star, lighting bolt, and  soccer ball you will find something that’s perfect no matter the personality! Mabel’s personalized Shoe Labels are extra tough and waterproof. They easily peel and stick to the insoles of footwear to help you keep everything from boots to ballet slippers organized.

I personally have these in all my kids shoes, boots and ballet slippers and can attest to their durability. Even after being soaked from stomping in puddles they don’t fade or peel. Wondering how they will work with a preschooler? Check it out:


And don’t forget – Mabel’s Labels offers free shipping to the US on all orders!



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