Sick Days and Snow Days, Netflix to the Rescue

Is February over yet?

For the shortest month of the year, it has sure felt like the longest. Between the snow days (aka extreme cold) and, for our family, the worst stomach flu ever, February has been one long stream of days off. When you have four kids and you need to keep them entertained inside for days upon days, especially when you need to keep them quarantined from each other, you need help.

Netflix to the rescue:

Netflix Streaming for Kids

While I don’t normally let my kids sit around and binge on shows for hours at time Netflix has proven to be a lifesaver this February, particularly when you are sitting in an ER on a Friday night (thank you Wifi!). Here is what my kids have been using to pass away the sick days around here:

Jake and The NeverlaJake and the Neverland Piratesnd Pirates – Obviously to many of you this is not new, but we never had Disney channel so my kids had no idea what it was. The toddler got ahold of the control pad one day and accidently hit this and they have been hooked ever since. I would prefer it if one of the little pirates wasn’t constantly yelling “coconuts” but it’s not a bad show.

Peg + CPeg + Catat – this came out on PBS right as we cut our cable so my kids had never seen it. My daughter loves math so this show is right up her alley. I love the that she uses chickens as her counting blocks and the subtle design of graph paper in the background. It’s also easily applied to the math lessons she is learning in school so she is getting math practice while having fun! I think she watched almost the whole season while we sat in the hospital last weekend.

The little guy with the dino mask above? He is almost two and has reactive airway. Which means when he gets a cold we almost always end up having to give him nebulizer treatments. I can honestly say that without Netflix it’s nearly impossible to get him to sit still and hold the mask on his face! Since the last change in the streaming availability reduced the number of Thomas the Train engines episodes available we’ve been looking for other shows to keep his attention, if he hasn’t seen it before he sits better.

Bob the BuilderBob the Builder – We’ve occasionally watched this when it would be on PBS in the mornings, but none of my kids were ever really into him. This little guy loves construction trucks so he has really gotten into it! Of course, his favorite is this winter snow episode!


Adventures of Chuck and FriendsThe Adventures of Chuck & Friends – along the same lines chuck the truck has become a favorite of his. A show full of his favorite trucks having a good time, it’s perfect!



While Cars is not yet available for Streaming Cars Toon: Mater’s Tall Tales  is and these Mater Talesshorts are perfect for delivering meds. They are short, so I can stop whenever I need to without ruining a show, and they keep him laughing. Perfect!



While the kids are the ones sick and with snow days, they leave us parents exhausted. So we have been bringing a bit more too. Namely on Friends.

Friends on Netflix

I blame that show for the imminent arrival of a midlife crisis.

What are you watching this month? Tell me in the comments how your kids get through their sick days!

Disclosure: I am part of the Netflix Stream Team and receive streaming membership in exchange for sharing with you what we are watching. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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