Toddler Approved Snacks – Delivered! {NatureBox Review}

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Toddlers are snackers. My two year old needs to eat all. The. Time. Add in two big kids who need snacks for school, sports snacks, and a mom who lives in her minivan and you have a house of snackers. During the summer with the abundance of whole fruit at our farmers markets snacking isn’t an issue. However, as we move towards winter I’m looking for ways to stock my snack shelf with items that are ass good as whole fruit.

Meet NatureBox

I met NatureBox while I was at BlogHer13 (although I had already started to hear a buzz about them through friends).  For about $20 a month a box shows up with five new snacks. All natural, all healthy, snacks that I didn’t have to think about, find at the store or pick out.  {Note: If you have a child with severe nut allergies this is currently not the product for you. You can read their allergen statement here. }

Everyone was excited to see what we got when our box arrived:

Our NatureBox

In our box we received Cherry Berry Bonanza (a dried fruit medley) Teriyaki Twists, Santa Fe Corn Crisps, Cocoa Waffle Wafers and Sweet Blueberry Almonds.

nature box review
Editor’s note: snacks change frequently, those stated and shown may not be current or available.

My toddler grabbed the Santa Fe crisps and said “Not your bag mommy, my bag” Even my {very} picky eater tried the Santa Fe crisps and liked them (they totally tasted like Doritos! Healthy Doritos) Four out of the 5 snacks were a hit with the toddler so I call that a win. She’s my biggest snacker so if she is happy I’m happy! The boxes even come with snack cards that include recipes and other ways to enjoy the snacks.

I was so impressed, I signed up! As our baby starts solids the number of snackers is only going to increase and with NatureBox being healthy I can let the toddler help herself and not feel guilty!

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  1. I have a hard time finding good snacks that will feed our family of seven big eaters without a huge price tag that is real food. Um, yeah…. kinda difficult.

  2. I have a toddler that grazes all day long. I sometimes worry if he is getting enough nutrients in a day. These snacks look like he will love them and I’ll feel better giving them to him.

  3. Sounds like a great way to introduce new and interesting foods to families. Kids also get very excited when the family receives mail, adding to the intrigue . . .

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