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The winter season feels like it gets longer and longer every year, so why not curl up with some great winter stories, explore what happens, or even get some ideas on what to do throughout the season. There are so many things to do in the wintertime like bake cookies, build snowmen or sleep like a bear (since they sleep through winter). These are just a few stories to help you explore the possibilities.

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Snow Day Stories – Favorite Winter Picture Books

By Guest Librarian: Aleece Michalak of the Round Lake Area Public Library

Bear Snores On Author: Karma Wilson Illustrators: Jane Chapman

Mouse enters bears’ cave in order to get out of the terrible winter storm, and since it is cold and damp, he makes a fire to warm himself. However, he is not the only one trying to get out of the storm. Soon other animals join him and have a party, all while the bear snores on but what happens when the bear wakes up?

Bear Snores On is one of my favorite books, and I absolutely love the poetic way the book flows and weaves together a wonderful story. The illustrations are amazing, and it is a wonderfully simplistic story with lots of fun to go around.

Skippyjon Jones Snow What Author: Judy Schachner

Skippyjon Jones loves to play outside in the snow with his sisters, but when it’s time to come in, he does not want to listen to the story of Snow White, so he sets off to his room with a tray full of ice and then gets ready to go on an adventure in his closet.

This book has a nice winter theme as well as a different version of Snow White (or as Skippy and his friends call her Snow What). Skippyjon Jones is always ready for an adventure and has a great imagination to have fun wherever he is.

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Snowmen at Night Author: Caralyn Buehner Illustrator: Mark Buehner

What do snowmen do at night when everyone else is asleep? They drink cold cocoa and play baseball, which turns into a snowball fight.

Snowmen at Night is an adorable look at snowmen and why they look a little slumped over in the morning (because they are tired from all of the fun). The illustrations are wonderful and really draw children into the story and the fun that the snowmen are having.

Catch That Cookie! Author: Hallie Durrand Illustrator: David Small

Marshall has been hearing stories all week long about how the Gingerbread Man ran away, but he doesn’t believe a word of it until the class bakes their Gingerbread Cookies. When they are ready to take them out of the oven, they are nowhere to be found except for the clues that they have left behind.

Catch That Cookie is a great story that kids will love, especially when they have to find clues to help discover where the Gingerbread men have runoff. The illustrations do a great job supporting this fun text. I especially like how the clues are in a different color than the regular text.

Ten on the Sled Author: Kim Norman Illustrator: Liza Woodruff

This is one of my favorites because instead of monkeys jumping on a bed, there are winter animals in a sled. While they start with ten, it slowly whittles its way down to one.

Ten on the Sled is a very cute and clever story that is really fun to read, and kids tend to get a laugh out of the animals and how they leave the sled. The illustrations are bright and colorful and a lot of fun to look at. Also, keep your eye out for the snowball that starts to form when the first animal leaves the sled and continues throughout the story.

After you have taken a look at these wonderful books, have your own fun in the snow by making a snowman, having a snowball fight, or sledding. If it’s too cold outside, why not try out other activities like making paper snowflakes or drinking warm hot cocoa (with lots of marshmallows).

Want more winter stories? Head into a library and check out what they have to offer. There are always new treasures to be found within books or if you need other ideas for the winter.

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Little Bookshelf: Snow Day Stories
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