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Goldfish Swim School mundelein

There’s always one day the kids look forward to every week and that’s swim school day. Both kids still talk about Rafael’s third birthday party that Goldfish Swim School helped us throw.  It happened a month ago and it’s still talked about almost daily. It was so much fun!

At the end of each class the teachers give a run down on what they did well in and what they need more practice with. I’ve been trying to figure out why Gabriel, who is turning 5 next month, hasn’t progressed much since our last update. Then his teacher and I had an “ah-ha” moment; he’s having a hard time keeping his face in the water.

The teacher has now been focusing on building his confidence by encouraging him and turning his dislike of keeping his face in the water into a game. She’ll ask him how long he thinks he can keep his face under water and if he can try to beat his time. We’ve even been practicing at home during bath time. He’s loving his new confidence in the water!

Goldfish Swim School Mundelein
R.Bridges| Little Lake County

It looks like Rafael is going to age out of the class that he’s currently in. This means he’ll be moved to a class where my husband or I won’t have to get into the water with him. It’s a bit of a relief for me because know I won’t have to change myself along with two kids or change my hair washing schedule because of the chlorine (curly hair problems). There might be a couple of tears from Rafael because there won’t be a parent in the pool with him, but I feel confident that with the teachers’ hands-on approach, he will warm up quick.

Goldfish Swim School Mundelein
R.Bridges| Little Lake County

Rafael is also a lot more confident jumping about into the pool and holding his breath in the water. He’s doing so much better with his sea otter floats (laying on his back in the water). He will let me float him on my shoulder without tensing up.

When we first started classes at Goldfish Swim School, the boys had never taken a swim class. They didn’t know what to do if they were to fall into a pool which was a very scary thought. Goldfish taught my boys the fundamentals of water safety. If they are to fall into the water they are to kick and pull until they reach the edge, they will crab walk until they get to a safe place, then it’s elbow, elbow, tummy, knee to get out of the pool. I feel more at ease knowing that the boys know what to do just in case. Learning to swim is a very important life skill and I’m so proud how much the boys have learned

We are so grateful for all the teachers and staff for their kindness and patience. The teachers really help the kids follow at their own pace, no matter what their skill level. The facility is always so clean, tidy and bright.  I cannot recommend Goldfish Swim School enough!

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Disclosure: Goldfish Swim School provided us with swim lessons in order to facilitate my reviews. No further compensation has been received and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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