Studying Great Britain: “Keep Calm and Homeschool On”


Homeschool Lesson Plan: Great Brittan

Our trip to Great Britain was surprisingly short.  Once we started our study, we found way more connections to the country than we had initially imagined.  I’m pretty sure we could have spent a few more weeks studying their history and culture and making connections to our own.


Geography:  Again, we used our “Expedition Earth” curriculum from to complete map work about England, color a British flag and make our own fun fact mini-book.

History:  My boys (ages 8 and 10) were fascinated with British history and the monarchy.  Books recommended by our local librarian helped us discuss connections between the historical foundations of the US and England.  Among my favorite children’s history books are the
You Wouldn’t Want to…” series written by various authors.  These historical children’s books are written with the 8-12-year-old in mind, including lots of pictures, graphics, and stories to make any kids appreciate the time period they are currently living in.

The ones we used for this study were “You wouldn’t want to sail on the Mayflower!: A trip that took entirely too long,” and “You wouldn’t want to be Mary, Queen of Scots! : a ruler who really lost her head,” My 8-year-old has also especially enjoyed the “True Books Country” series, which provides a good overview of the demographics of each country.  We used their book on “England” for this study as well.

Language Arts:  Of course, we checked out the ENTIRE collection of Harry Potter audiobooks from our local library and listened to them throughout the week:  in the car, while eating lunch, during tea time — pretty much all day long!  This prompted our discussion of how words in the same language can mean different things from country to country.  This also led to requests to use the “loo” being used excessively during the week.

Art:  For an art activity, we studied Stonehenge and talked about the theories of how these ancient ruins were built.  We talked about the seasons and how ancient peoples used to tell the time of year.  We also watched a video of Stonehenge from National Geographic on YouTube.  We then used this great printable from the National Trust to Design our own Stonehenge model.

Photo from the National Trust Printable linked above

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