Suburbanite’s Guide to Guaranteed Rate Field *

Worth the Trip, Chicago, IL

Thank you to the Chicago White Sox for hosting us in order to write this guide.

*Comiskey Park. ALWAYS Comiskey Park.

I have a history with Guaranteed Rate Field (flinch) so it’s really hard for me to call it anything other than Comiskey. It’s a White Sox thing. Scratch that. It’s a Chicago thing. I also have trouble calling the Sears Tower anything but the Sears Tower. I don’t do well with change, so maybe it’s me but just know that in my heart, it will always be Comiskey Park. 

Guaranteed Rate Field with kids, guide to guaranteed rate stadium

A Suburbanite’s guide to Guaranteed Rate Field

So the aforementioned “history” is that my husband and I had our first date at a Chicago White Sox game in 1993. Backstory, I had never been a true baseball fan until I watched the movie Field of Dreams. I wish I were making this up. Baseball fans everywhere are cringing, I know but I just never got into it until I saw Ray Liotta play Shoeless Joe Jackson and then I was ALL IN.

guide to guaranteed rate stadium
© K. Wagner Hoban| Little Lake| 2017

My dad is a huge baseball fan, growing up rooting for his beloved New York Yankees and then later becoming a Cubs fan (we all make mistakes). Then there is my grandma, God rest her soul. Who was a faithful Cubs fan (I forgive her as well), but before that was a faithful Cleveland Indians fan. She would watch baseball games like some people her age would watch Wheel of Fortune. My grandma was the epitome of cool.

When I mentioned to her that my friend was taking me to my first professional baseball game as a first date, she was excited for me.

Until she found out it was a White Sox game and then she offered her condolences. 

Ever since that day in September of 1993, I have been a White Sox fan for many reasons but the main ones are that I feel like Sox fans are my people and there is a lot of fun to be had at a baseball game for people of all ages, not just adults.

Guaranteed Rate Field with kids
©K. Wagner Hoban| Little Lake| 2017

My family and I were invited by the White Sox to experience how family-friendly the stadium is. Family Sundays are great days to take the kids to their first baseball game (or their 200th baseball game). They offer tickets as low as $5 in the upper level and $15 in the lower level. Parking is only $10, there are plenty of kid-centered activities such as running the bases after the game, face painting and much more. Head to the website above to see the dates of the remaining Sunday home games.

Guaranteed Rate Field with kids
©K. Wagner Hoban| Little Lake| 2017

Children’s autograph sessions are a really fun way for your kids to get into the game. This was my nine-year-old daughter’s first White Sox game and meeting a few of the players before the game made the game so much more interesting for her than it would have been had she not done this. The entire game was spent waiting for those who signed her baseball to get up to bat, make the catch or see their name up on the screen. Head here to see when they offer autograph sessions for the kids.

Guaranteed Rate Field with kids
©K. Wagner Hoban| Little Lake| 2017

For a minimal fee, your kids can become members of the White Sox Kids Club.  With that fee, your child will receive cool White Sox gear such as duffel bags, lanyards, sunglasses and much more. They will also receive four, lower-level reserved game tickets in addition to fun events like batting practice viewing, a special ballpark tour, and a pregame parade.

Guaranteed Rate Field with kids
©K. Wagner Hoban| Little Lake| 2017

In addition to the kids’ activities, there are promotional events as well. Plan a family day on the calendar, it’s worth the traffic to get to the south side for some family fun and an MLB game that won’t cost you a small fortune.

Guranteed Rate Field – Home of the Chicago White Sox
33 W. 35th St., Chicago, IL 60616

Parking and Public Transit information available on the Sox website.
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Disclosure: Writer received admission for her and her family to facilitate the writing of this story. No other compensation was received and all thoughts and opinions are her own. Her fandom does not reflect the fandom of the site owners 😉

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