Summer Camp Review: Spotlight Youth Theater

Choosing a summer camp that is right for your child can often times be a long process. There are so many options out there with so many fun things for your child to take part in over the summer. Is a typical sports camp the way to go? Should you try something new like horseback riding camp? Would an art camp be something your child would enjoy? Do you need a full day option? The choices can be endless!

Today we are going to look into a fun camp that might satisfy a lot of different interests. Spotlight Youth Theater camp is a theater camp at heart, but really turns out to be so much more.

spotlight youth theater camp

Their mission follows what they call their S.T.A.G.E. Core Values:

*We Support Success.
We encourage excellence in all kids while helping them experience what it means to be a part of a team.

• We Teach Theatre.
We strive to teach competency in all aspects of theater, from spot-lit solo to kid-chorus kick line.

*We Acknowledge God.
We show kids their gifts come from a higher balcony – God. And one of the greatest gifts they can give back to God is to use those gifts to glorify Him.

*We Give Respect.
In all areas, kids learn to respect others, themselves, and God.

*We Encourage Bravery
When a student steps out to audition for a show, is bold enough to pray for a friend, or simply gets the guts to answer a question in class, Spotlight cheerleads courage and bolsters bravery at every turn.

At Spotlight Camps, their main focus is on learning to sing, dance and act, and they even get a chance to all participate in a performance at the end of the camp. Although it is a theater camp,  the week also consists of fun theme days, active sports, outdoor time, and a lot of team spirit. They offer a few different camps depending on the age of a child and type of camp you are looking for.

There is a camp for youth ages 5-12 that is a full day option. The kids are split up by age, with the 5-6 year olds enjoying a slightly different program than the 7-12 group. The theme for this summer’s 5-12 camp is Camp Pixar and Disney Heroes and Villains. A typical day consists of team time, crafts, games, lunch, outdoor time and rehearsals. The younger kids have shorter block times while the older kids might spend more time in one specific activity. At the end of the week, all the kids participate in a performance that their families are invited to come and enjoy.

Do you have an older child? There is a teen option as well. The teen camp is a camp specially designed for kids ages 11-18.  They will be enjoying many age appropriate activities during the week and ending with a performance of Hairspray.

Spotlight even offers an Overnight Camp option. There is an overnight camp for youth entering 6-8th grade, and another camp for youth entering 9-12th grade. This year’s overnight camp performance is Footloose. The overnight camp participants have a full schedule of fun for a full week with an advanced showcase at the end.

Prices range from $165/week for the daily camp, to $390 for the weekly overnight camp. They have locations all over Lake County and many dates to choose from which makes scheduling your week of camp around other activities very easy. Interested in registering? Click here.

Although the options for summer camp can seem endless, it is always good for your child to know what choices are out there so together you can choose the best one based on their interests. Whatever camp is chosen, it is sure to create lasting memories!

You can checkout the Spotlight Youth Theater during their current production of Godspell. Godspell is running May 10, 11, 12, 18, and 19 at the Christian Arts Auditorium in Zion. See the website for showtimes, tickets and more information.

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