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foss swim school libertyville review

We started swim lessons in January with the seemingly lofty goal of swimming by summer for at least 50% of our kids.  To say I was skeptical at the start is an understatement. I have seen and tried all manner of park district and camp swim lessons including teaching them myself at a day camp. 10 weeks? I would have been thrilled if my kids were not afraid of getting their face wet and had a basic understanding of how to stay afloat.  I didn’t expect anyone to be actually swimming. To say Foss blew our expectations out of the water would be an understatement.

After 10 weeks both my big kids were swimming independently. It may not be perfect form, but it’s enough that I feel 1 million times better about taking them to pools, water parks, on the boat or even on the dock to fish. For us it has always been about safety and in spending time researching Foss’ method  I’ve learned it’s the same for them.

Foss Swim School Method
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I have no doubt in my mind that after one session, that if any of my older three children fell off a dock and into a lake they would all be able to save themselves.  I think that’s what sets Foss apart from every other swim lesson we have ever taken – their method emphasizes safety.

This method is consistent throughout the levels and no matter which instructor you are assigned. Every class follows a set structure and every instructor teaches it the same way. At any time any other instructor can jump into a class to pick it up and keep it going. The consistency and routine in their teaching method works great for the kids. Little kids learn games and songs in the introductory levels and those translate into the movements and technique they will need in the upper levels.

foss swim school libertyville review
Aside from the method, the staff is what really makes this program unique. I have never seen a group of people with more energy and enthusiasm. I have never seen anyone scowl or complain to each other, every team member is always smiling and offering assistance. The instructors are fun and in turn they make swimming fun, not scary. That little girl above? She wouldn’t put her face in the water, ever. Her instructor got her to jump in the pool and go underwater on the first day. Now her favorite part of swim lessons is the underwater dance party!

I know what you are thinking, “Of course everyone is nice to you, you’re writing about them!”  No. I have been so impressed with this program and just astounded by the results that we signed up for another session, paid out of my own pocket. My kids are swimmers now and it’s amazing to me. I can’t believe the improvement and the confidence that has come from being able to learn so quickly. I don’t recommend Foss because they are a partner, I recommend Foss because it works. The proof is right there in the video. Foss Swim School South BarringtonSpring session has just started, you can still register!
Foss has locations in Libertyville, Highland Park, South Barrington and Lakeview and will be opening in Niles this Fall.

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Disclosure: Foss has provided us with our initial swim lessons in order to show you the progress that kids can make in one session. No further compensation has been received and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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