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Little Reviews: Phlat Balls

August 8, 2019 Melissa Haak 0
Sometimes you see a toy and you think, what? huh? how? Who came up with that, does it work, will the kids like it? These are the questions that my husband and I tossed back […]
Little Reviews

Little Reviews: Merge Cube

December 18, 2017 Jennifer Johnson 0
This story contains affiliate links. Can you hold a camp fire hologram in the palm of your hand? Would your child like to watch a volcano erupt virtually out of thin air? Can your family […]
Little Reviews

Explosive Fun with Chrono Bomb!

July 6, 2015 Loralie 0
CONFIDENTIAL- TOP SECURITY CLEARANCE ONLY: I recently returned from a top secret reconnaissance mission accompanied by Agent 3’07”.  Our discovery? Patch Products from Beloit, Wisconsin has recently unveiled a secret spy mission game – CHRONO BOMB™! […]